Friday, 29 August 2014

Which season of TRUE BLOOD was your favourite?

Friday, 29 August 2014

After seven seasons, TRUE BLOOD's vampires have finally bitten the dust rather than anyone's jugular. For many, this HBO drama was a reliable source of fun and blood-letting from beginning to end; for others it was an entertaining supernatural guilty pleasure that went prematurely senile. But hey, it was memorable! And now we can ask: which season was your favourite?

To help you decide, here are my thoughts on each season's highs and lows...

Season One
Highs: The straightest adaptation of the source material • The purest season in terms of concept (the tension of vampires coexisting with mankind) • A murder-mystery arc that held every episode together • The sense of discovery because this was a new universe with fresh mythology • Sookie and Bill were a smoking hot couple • Lizzy Caplan and Stephen Root!
Lows: Lettie Mae's exorcism.

Season Two
Highs: Hoyt and vampire Jessica as the cutest pair of fledgling lovers ever • The Fellowship of the Sun with the weirdo Newlins • Jason getting a hand-job from Sarah Newlin in the bath tub • The introduction of Eric's zen maker Godric • The perplexing mystery of Maryann's identity • The Vampire Queen of Louisiana.
Lows: Tara's guitar-strumming boyfriend Eggs • Maryann being revealed as... um, a maenad? • Sam got a shape-shifter girlfriend • A sex orgy with a meat tree

Season Three
Highs: Russell Edgington ripped a news anchor's spine out on live television! • Bill twisting Lorena's head around 180-degrees in the throes of passion!
Lows: Alcide and the stupid werewolves • The stupider were-panthers • Lafayette had a boyfriend called Jesus, who was magic.

Season Four
Highs: Bill is the new King of Louisiana • Fiona Shaw as Marnie the lead witch • Jessica cosplayed Sexy Red Riding Hood.
Lows: Jason's a cop now? • The awesome Gary Cole played Sookie's grandfather Earl (um, for five minutes!) • Sookie's fairy godmother • Debbie-bloody-Pelt • The ridiculous ghost story involving the creepy doll Arlene was given • Sam's brother Tommy • Sheriff Andy shags a fairy • Hoyt's a dickhead around Jessica now.

Season Five
Highs: Tara made a better vampire than human • The Vampire Authority • Hoyt left town with his memories erased of Jessica and Jason.
Lows: Eric's dull sister Nora • Steve Newlin's a gay vampire now, and he later hooks up with Russell Edgington • Alcide and wolf pack politics • The Fae night club in an open field • Russell's damp squib demise • Terry and the Ilfrit "fire-demon" from Iraq bullshit • Nude blood goddess Lilith.

Season Six
Highs: Rutger Hauer as Sookie's fairy godfather • Bill the super-vampire • Governor Burrell and his Vamp Camp • Sarah Newlin's weapon of choice: a white stiletto.
Lows: Sheriff Andy and his teenage fairy daughters • The awful truth behind inconsistent villain Warlow • Sam's girlfriend dies, so he gets another almost immediately.

Season Seven
Highs: Eric and Pam once ran a video store together • The Japanese Yakuza gang • Sarah Newlin's yoga pants • Tara dying in the premiere • Alcide dying in the third episode • Bill and Sookie got naked again • Bill's exit
Lows: Sheriff Andy's wife then daughter getting kidnapped in two unrelated, consecutive storylines • Arlene and vampire Keith the MILF hunter • Tara returning as a ghost for redundant closure with her mother • Sookie's insensitive house party after Alcide's murder • Hep-V vampires and the virus's illogical symptoms.

My best to worst? I'd probably go 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 5... but that could change the next time I think about it. Season 3 had the ludicrous were-panthers, after all, so maybe I should swap that with 4. Then again, 3 did have Russell Edgington's gruesome interruption of the nightly news. See, it's tricky.

But what do you think? Vote for your favourite (or least bothersome) season of True Blood in my poll below, and leave a comment if you want to rank the seasons. Voting ends in a week, if you want to check back here for the final result.