Dan Owen

Welcome to Dan's Media Digest (DMD)

This is the personal blog of Dan Owen; a freelance
copywriter, blogger, film buff, and telly addict from the UK.

I created DMD on 20 March 2006 as a place to review British and American television shows and films, as well as respond to showbiz news that grabbed my interest. Here you can also find occasional competitions to win merchandise, weekly TV picks, media articles, humorous lists, reactions to trailers, and other things relevant to the world of entertainment.

I update DMD multiple times a week with original content, so there's always something to read and digest—as the blog's title alludes. DMD has also been linked to from a variety of noteworthy websites and blogs through the years, such as:
I also freelance for other websites and publications--most notably as MSN TV's regular TV critic from 2012-14 (before they dropped freelancers), as a contributor to Digital Spy and as the Editor-in-Chief of Frame Rated.

So please get in touch if you'd like to offer me some work. Ditto any businesses who'd like to discuss advertising and sponsorship of this blog... I offer very reasonable rates.

You can contact me using either of the methods below:

E-mail - danmeddig@gmail.com
Twitter: - @danowen79