Thursday 20 December 2007

The Sexiest Women On TV In 2007

Thursday 20 December 2007
Rule 1: Only actresses in scripted drama and comedy are eligible -- not celebs on reality shows or television presenters/newsreaders, etc.

Rule 2: Each actress must have had a sizable role in a TV show that aired in the UK or US in 2007.

27. Jaime Murray

The British star of Hustle took her accent and did her best Helena Bonham-Carter impression as loopy Lila, the sexy new girl in serial killer Dexter's life. A free spirit with charisma, devilishly cheeky smile, sexy boots and the strange inclination to take her top off. To die for.

Sexiest Moment: It seemed that Jaime was under contract to show her boobs nearly every episode (which was nice), but the first time was the sweetest – with Jaime stripping naked and hitting the shower.

26. Sarah Paulson
Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip

As Harriet Hayes, she was the talented starlet of Studio 60; infectiously likable and in that bracket of sexy TV characters you might actually stand a chance with – if you can make her laugh. She's a bit tomboyish and highly-strung at times, but also the ideal best friend... who could credibly become more at an after-show party...

Sexiest Moment: A moment of cheekiness when two men wander into her dressing room, accidentally surprising her into dropping the towel sparing her modesty...

25. Katee Sackhoff
Battlestar Galactica / Bionic Woman

I've never found Katee Sackhoff particularly attractive in BSG, as her Starbuck character is too brash and tomboyish for my taste. No, it was Bionic Woman that gave Katee the chance to be a vixen-like femme fatale, and she gives a barnstorming performance of devious, sexy, witty, angst-ridden malice. It's good to be the bad girl sometimes.

Sexiest Moment: A post-coital cuddle with conflicted lover Jae in a hotel room. When did Starbuck get sexy, eh?

24. Rena Sofer
24 / Heroes

Despite supporting roles in two big shows in '07, Rena Sofer wasn't given much to do in either -- which was a shame. She certainly makes an impression – if only because of her dazzling, otherworldly eyes. Rena's undoubtedly one of the hottest older women on this list. So, despite being underwritten in 24 and confined to a wheelchair for Heroes, she's gorgeous to look at in both. Here's hoping she gets a proper chance to act soon, though...

Sexiest Moment: Her entrance in 24; standing atop a flight of stares, eyes piercing and skin glistening. Gulp.

23. Alex Breckenridge

If skinny uberbitch Courteney Cox wasn't to your taste, you likely preferred the more curvy charms of Alexa Breckenridge's naïve-yet-feisty young reporter Willa. Beautiful and disarmingly down-to-earth, Willa was the lighter side of the gutter press, although her character was slowly hardened by experience.

Sexiest Moment: A rampant sex scene with her boss's boss Brent Barrow. Willa was on-top, in-charge... but unaware she's been surreptitiously filmed by the perv...

22. Natascha McElhone

Her presence always lends a bit of class and sophistication to movies, with her enchanting beauty and cut-glass English accent. But in Californication, she turned on the American sass as the ex-wife of David Duchovny's lothario author. As former wild child Karen, Natascha was the character most likely to get you fantasizing -- because she was less likely to get naked at the drop of a hat, unlike the rest of the show's cast!

Sexiest Moment: No standout sequences, really -- just Natascha's exquisite beauty pouring from the screen. Hotter than the California sun.

21. Eve Myles

She's the cute Welsh lass with big eyes and freckles, and the only down-to-earth member of the alien-fighting Torchwood team. Her appeal lies in her earthy normality, although her tendency to sleep with work colleagues doesn't hurt either!

Sexiest Moment: There were a lot of naughty scenes for Eve (including a lesbian smooch), but a passionate bit of fumbling with Owen held most of her fans rapt.

20. Elizabeth Mitchell

The brains-as-well-as-beauty conundrum of Lost's third season, Elizabeth played mysterious Other scientist Juliet -- alternating through kindness, sexiness, bitchiness, and back again. You were never quite sure of her intentions, but found yourself falling under her hypnotic spell and dignified, intelligent beauty.

Sexiest Moment: Elizabeth's sexiest scene was a flashback to Juliet's time on the island, naked on a bed with her lover. The research scientists are this attractive on the remote tropical island? Sign me up, DHARMA!

19. Marisol Nichols

The eye-candy of CTU for season 6, who was supposed to help get fans over the loss of Reiko Aylesworth's gutsy heroine and Kim Raver's legs. While Nadia didn't make much of an impression plotwise, you can't deny Marisol's exotic beauty lit up the sterile corridors of CTU. She also fancied horse-faced Milo, so everyone stands a chance of office romance with her...

Sexiest Moment: In a disappointing season, we hoped CTU hottie Nadia would become the action heroine to rival Reiko Aylseworth's Michelle, but it wasn't to be. Still, bumping into sexy Marisol Nichols in the corridors of CTU would certainly make that counter-terrorism desk-job a worthwhile risk.

18. Freema Agyeman
Doctor Who

Within minutes, we were asking "Billie who?" as Freema Agyeman's natural, infectious enthusiasm became the latest companion of time-traveller The Doctor. Girly yet professional, excitable yet unassuming, her Martha Jones was the perfect injection of intelligent sass, blessed with a perfectly-formed booty to boot.

Sexiest Moment: Well, things aren't going to get you too hot-under-the collar on a family show, so just keep yourself glued to Freema's tight jeans throughout.

17. Anna Friel
Pushing Daisies

For British viewers, she'll probably always be the lesbian from Brookside, but she's swapped Liverpool for L.A, to star in "forensic fairy tale" Pushing Daisies. As Chuck, the dead (but now resurrected) girlfriend of miracle pie-maker Ned, she's pretty, offbeat, fun and feisty – if a little too sugary at times.

Sexiest Moment: Unfortunately, it's all extremely lovey-dovey on this show, so you just have to let her sexy perkiness wash over you...

16. Grace Park
Battlestar Galactica

As a Cylon sleeper agent who has defected to the humans, cute and sexy Sharon Valeri faces prejudice most weeks, which only makes her more sympathetic. It's just a shame Grace Park is rarely allowed out of that green jumpsuit for a little R&R...

Sexiest Moment: Grace Park hasn't been given anything to make pulses race since stripping naked for the season 1 finale, so fans will have to satiate themselves with her Maxim photoshoot.

15. Missy Peregrym
Heroes / Reaper

She had a belated entrance on Heroes, as vision-inducer Candice (a tubby woman who wisely keeps herself in the form of Missy Peregrym) and like to woo men like a black widow spider. after just a few episodes, Missy jumped ship to Reaper for the new TV season, to play the object of a demon-hunting geek's affections.

Sexiest Moment: In Heroes, whenever she used her powers to entrance red-blooded men. So alluring you'll willingly take her at face value, and try not to think about the fatty flesh lurking beneath the babe...

14. Courteney Cox

After playing neat-freak Monica for so long on Friends, the naughtier side of Courteney Cox was restrained to a few film roles and magazine shoots, but Dirt finally gave her the chance to steam up the screen. As bitchy magazine editor Lucy Spiller, she double-crossed, blackmailed and shagged her way through the year, becoming the scarlet woman we'd all struggle to say "no" to... if only because she probably has compromising photos of you in her vault.

Sexiest Moment: There are quite a few to choose from, but the best is probably her hot sex scene in the back of a limo with Holt. Or the bedroom scene with the vibrator. Or...

13. Dania Ramirez

Dania was cruelly saddled with a character who just flips between crying and moaning, so she didnn't get much of a chance to endear herself to people. However, she's a very beautiful woman with a sexy accent, who deserves some better treatment when Heroes returns...

Sexiest Moment: Her character wasn't afforded any sexiness (just a lot of sobbing), so the only thing that comes close was a kiss with villain Sylar.

12. Amanda Peet
Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip

An impossibly gorgeous woman with an elfin quality and big, bright eyes. As idealistic network president Jordan McDeere, Amanda was compellingly tough, vulnerable, radiant, clever, blessed with razor-sharp wit and... well, she just looked the biz, didn't she?

Sexiest Moment: Whenever she breezes into a room, it was enough to get everyone's attention and make them want to climb the corporate ladder.

11. Yvonne Strzechowski

More lingerie model than CIA agent, Yvonne Strzechowski is the fantasy figure for Chuck's geeks – a blonde Lara Croft of the espionage world. With breathtaking smile, radiant hair, ample curves and delicious legs, there isn't a baddie alive who wouldn’t crumble under her interrogation...

Sexiest Moment: In the first episode, we see Yvonne alone in an apartment wearing sexy lingerie, tooling up for her next mission...

10. Lucy Griffiths
Robin Hood

Sexy and cute as plucky tomboy Marian (and likely to start her own fashion range of pastel-coloured medieval women's wear), Lucy Griffiths is refreshingly normal and down-to-earth in the role. While the garments of Ye Olde England unfortunately leave everything to the imagination, it's clear from her heaving bosom that she'll one day make Robin a very, very merry man.

Sexiest Moment: Hmmm, beyond stolen glances and a few snogs in Sherwood with rascal Robin, the show is disappointingly cautious when it comes to showing Lady Marian as a woman with needs. Best make do with her one-photo appearance in FHM (see above).

9. Lucy Lawless
Battlestar Galactica

Most famous for playing lesbian pin-up Xena: Warrior Princess, Kiwi actress Lucy Lawless focused her earthy personality into darker territory as Number 3 -- an amazonian blonde beauty, who was basically the evil sister of Tricia Helfer's Number 6.

Sexiest Moment: Lucky dog Baltar wakes up in bed alongside Tricia Helfer and Lucy Lawless... and the every geek's next wet dream was suddenly made visual. Oh, for a deleted scene of the night before...

8. Kristin Chenoweth
Pushing Daisies

A star of Broadway for years, Kristin's sure to win more fans in the UK when Pushing Daisies arrives. As loved-up waitress Ollie Snook, Kristen Chenoweth is just adorable: tiny, blonde and kooky, with saucer-eyes, curvy body and that impossibly sweet voice.

Sexiest Moment: She's eminently squeezable throughout, but when she first launched into a rendition of Grease's "Totally Devoted To You" is when Cheno's charms really took hold.

7. Julie Benz

The one-time Buffy nemesis turned sympathetic and caring as single-mother Rita, the unwitting girlfriend of serial killer Dexter Morgan. Julie Benz is delicate, gorgeous, and willing to show a sexier side in a few welcome nude scenes. Dex has definitely bagged himself a babe – but in a good way for once...

Sexiest Moment: In season 2's premiere, Rita seduces Dexter into the bedroom, where she promptly drops her clothes to the floor, revealing a smooth/ toned back, before pushing him backwards onto her bed...

6. Tricia Helfer
Battlestar Galactica

A statuesque goddess in anyone's book, Tricia Helfer has become the primary source of fanboy worship on Battlestar Galactica as blonde Cylon vixen Number 6. Pert breasts, golden hair, perfect face, slinky body and legs up to her armpits, she's walking evidence that those pesky Cylons may be the future of evolution after all...

Sexiest Moment: Straddling boyfriend Baltar as he's being tortured and taking his mind off the pain with pure pleasure...

5. Michelle Ryan
Bionic Woman

The Brit goes bionic for this remake of the 70s show, with Michelle Ryan's bee-stung lips, heaving bosom and girl-next-door appeal helping keep interest in the misfiring series. She may not be the most plausible heroine ever put on-screen, but she holds her own in the fighting sequences and provides enough allure and good-humour to keep your attention.

Sexiest Moment: There's something oddly alluring about a sexy young woman, dressed in black, doing one-armed pull-ups. Isn't there?

4. Ali Larter

Having struggled for a breakthrough hit post-Final Destination, leggy Ali Larter finally became a poster girl for boys everywhere as beautiful, maternal stripper Nikki in Heroes. And when Nikki's simpering goody-two-shoes act grows irritating, there's always devilish alter-ego Jessica to contend with; an ass-kicking babe who enjoys throwing men across rooms.

Sexiest Moment: An unexpected strip tease for congressman Nathan Petrelli in a Vegas hotel, as bad girl Jessica takes over -- wearing sexy lingerie and showing off those heavenly legs...

3. Evangeline Lilly

Who wouldn't want to be stuck on a desert island with the delectable Evangeline Lilly? Shame there are other survivors, polar bears and a smoke monster to contend with, too. As Kate, she's forever caught in the middle of competing males Sawyer and Jack – and who can blame them for wanting to get Kate into their hammock? With jet-black tumbling hair, lithe figure, cute freckles and shapely legs, she's the treasure of the island.

Sexiest Moment: Undoubtedly the frantic, passionate sex scene with Sawyer inside a bear cage – snooped on by security cameras, for added thrills...

2. Kristen Bell

Having made a cult name for herself as teen detective Veronica Mars, Kristen Bell's bid for wider stardom got underway by becoming the best thing about Heroes' weak second season. As electricity-wielding Elle, she was the naughty good-girl-gone-bad with a kinky masochistic bent that juxtaposed nicely with her blonde, sex-kitten allure.

Sexiest Moment: Relaxing on a sun lounger in a tiny bikini, soaking up some rays before being asked to get her hands dirty. Or try her photoshoot in Complex magazine.

1. Hayden Panettiere

She's the diminutive, all-American girl whose cherubic good-looks, flowing blonde locks and tendency to bounce around in a cheerleader uniform endeared her to young girls looking for a role model, hormonal teenage boys and young men who should know better. Hayden Panettiere is the Britney Spears of sci-fi.

Sexiest Moment: Given her age, the show wasn't that keen on milking Hayden's sex appeal too much in season 1, so you'll have to make do with her ever-present cheerleader outfit. I suggest you seek out her FHM photoshoot, too.