Wednesday 19 December 2007


Wednesday 19 December 2007
Again, sorry for the delay from Sunday... phew, all that Christmas shopping leaves you scrambling to catch-up with stuff! So yes, Week 11 and it was semi-final time -- with the three remaining competitors: pro-dancer Camilla, celebrity singer Alesha and pro-dancer Flavia...

Camilla Dallerup

Argentine Tango: She looked great in this Bond-themed dance, with her golden hair up, pink tassels on a black skirt, and her thin legs really put on a show!

Paso: A very fast dance with a neat silver cloak that opened to reveal a long skirt, with an open-backed top, and welcome glimpses of those great pins!

Flavia Cacace

Argentine Tango: Sexy blue dress, with a cut up the skirt to show some shapely leg, with a very slow/sexy performance.

Waltz: A long red dress with frilly handkerchief accessories, but too slow and twirly for my taste. I don't care if he did get perfect scores!

Alesha Dixon

Argentine Tango: Hot red dress with long gloves, but the skirt could have been shorter (grrr), although her amazing legs did get some airtime. This was slow and sexy stuff.

Quickstep: A long white dress and a sparky energy on the dance floor. Great cleavage and open-backed top, with a fast pace.

At the end of Sunday's results show, poor Camilla had to go (despite doing the sexiest dances this week!) I think she took it well, didn't she? By shunning the after-show party and crying in her dressing room, according to the papers... Oh well, there's always next year, Cammy!

My current scores, by taking the average of both dance scores this week, are:

1. Alesha Dixon -- 65
2. Camilla Dallerup -- 58
3. Flavia Cacace -- 57

Well, unless Alesha has a nightmare, I think she's won the show now. And, unless she wears a pair of old jeans and a bag over her head, I think she'll top my personal scoreboard. Which is what really matters...