Wednesday 6 May 2009

Star Trek: 3D Enterprise; Shatner sings; JJ Abrams interview; The Onion review

Wednesday 6 May 2009

Now, this is rather snazzy. "Experience The Enterprise" is a 3D interactive web-application that puts the new USS Enterprise "in the palm of your hand", using "augmented reality". Ooh. Basically, if you have a webcam you can take a five-minute tour of the new ship. The embedded video above explains it better. Check it out!

More videos after the jump...

It's a funny clip of William Shatner at the AFI Lifetime Achievement for George Lucas in 2005, where he serenaded the creator of Trek's "rival" franchise.

And that's JJ Abrams (director of the new Star Trek) in a long interview with Charlie Rose about the movie...

Finally, The Onion have this hilarious faux-report where disappointed hardcore Trekkies bash the new movie for being "a fun and watchable action-packed thrillride."