Wednesday, 5 November 2008


Wednesday, 5 November 2008
Sorry, but my weekly recaps for SCD will very likely be delayed 'till Wednesdays from now on, as there are too many other things eating into my time. But, it does mean I can use some more interesting photos of the week's actual performances, instead of generic snaps. Enjoy!

ERIN BOAG & Austin Healey
After many weeks of dazzling the eye, Erin chooses to wear a gross orange-yellow, open-backed dress with a long skirt. Very disappointing turnout for the Kiwi dancer.

HEATHER SMALL & Brian Fortuna
The surprise of the night! I really don't find Heather very attractive, but she showed off her assets for the first time here: great bust, lots of leg, in a memorable pink-black dress. The dance itself was quite flaccid, lacking bite, but this was undoubtedly Heather's sexiest turnout.

JODIE KIDD & Ian Waite
A light-blue dress with floaty arm tassels and a vaguely princess-style. Funny how it makes her stomach look incredibly wide, but beyond the old-fashioned romance of it all, this was underwhelming. We need more of the Amazonian man-eater, not this.

OLA JORDAN & Andrew Castle
You can rely on the Polish beauty to add some sparkle in a twinkly pink dress; golden hair, big bosom, plenty of leg, tight body, lots of smiles. A sexy, curvy little cutie.

LISA SNOWDON & Brendan Cole
Well, she's nevr looked terrible on SCD this year, and Lisa didn't disappoint again. Long, open-backed cyan dress, hair up, skirt slit to show off those impressive legs, great figure, lovely face. Excellent.

CHERIE LUNGHI & James Jordan
Rose red dress with a knee-length skirt; good attitude and very limber for someone in their fifties, but otherwise quite bland.

Okay, it's becoming a joke that Mr. Sergeant is still on this show, but with all the hot women dropping like flies, I'm glad he's keeping Kristina dancing. Mind you, I'm not a fan of her doll-like pallor with bright red lipstick (especially with white hair), but her silver dress was pretty nice. Great bum, too.

The usual mix of pencil-thin legs, with an unusual black frilly dress. Quite a hot look, and one that reminds you she's still around, because she's been overshadowed by the female newcomers this year.

Long, flowing purple dress with bare upper arms, hair up, with a cut in the dress to flash some leg. Great to see her smiling and having some fun again, but a bit underwhelming. I thought she might be the dark horse when SCD6 began, but I don't think she'll last much longer.

RACHEL STEVENS & Vincent Simone
Ooh, they saved the best 'till last! The S Clubber finally gains enough confidence to start wearing something a bit more revealing: silver dress, lots of leg, long hair, curvy figure, cute, fun and happy performance. A sudden hot favourite, because she can communicate her enjoyment and looks good.

As I'm sure you know, it came down to Heather & Brian or Ola & Andrew. Annoyingly, the lovely Ola was booted off because, frankly, Andrew isn't that good of a dancer. Another reason to watch SCD has gone... but I'm glad she lasted 'till Week 7, and there are rumours her Week 1 cat-suit might put in an encore appearance before the Final...

1 November 2008 – BBC1, 7.30pm
2 November 2008 – BBC1, 8.15pm