Friday, 30 January 2009

Pacing, polls and misc

Friday, 30 January 2009
I think I'll start doing regular pieces that talk directly to you, the faithful readership, every week or so. It'll be a handy way for me to ask questions, get some feedback, and let everyone knows what's going on around here. You can also treat it as an open thread to ask me things, as sometimes people revert to making OT comments elsewhere:

PACING. I have a constant argument with myself regarding the "pacing" of reviews. If I review shows at the US-pace, I risk alienating my fellow British readers. But, if I review things at the UK-pace, I tend to get fewer comments because the type of people who frequent blogs have downloaded and discussed those episodes to death. You see my conundrum? Also, while it can be easier to review shows at the US pace and stockpile them until they air in the UK (a la Chuck, Damages), the blog can appear quieter than usual. And I like to keep the place fairly lively and updated all the time, see.

In related news: on Monday, Heroes returns for Volume IV in the US, but there's no sign of it on the BBC schedules for the next few weeks. So, a straight question: would you prefer I review it at the US-pace, or wait for the BBC to air it?

POLLS. I'm going to bring the polls feature back with semi-permanence (i.e., there won't be one if I can't think of a good topic or question). I've just signed up with, so the functionality and aesthetic of the polls will be beter than the built-in Blogger one (which is a bit naff, really.)

MISC. Owing to the dizzying amount of shows that have returned from hiatus recently, a number of my "slow-time" projects are being slowed-up, rather ironically -- primarily, my season 1 review of The Wire (85% done) and my hope of resuming reviews of The Prisoner.

Oh, not that anyone but me will be that interested, but DMD recently got into the Top 100 of -- which is an incredible feat, considering there are 5,000 blogs in the mix. I'm now somewhere around 170, which is still very good, of course.

A few minor changes to the blog this week, like the arrival of a favicon. So now DMD gets its own blue icon if you bookmark or visit the site in a recent browser (Firefox 2, IE7). I'm still having problems getting the favicon to appear on peoples' Blogger-made blogrolls, though. I think it's because my icon is a .PNG file and not a .ICO file (which Blogger looks for). I can't make a .ICO version, because it's a file type not supported by Picasa (the site that stores all Blogger-made images.) That's quite a lapse by Blogger/Picasa there; perhaps even worth an e-mail to some techie types.

Thanks to everyone who's recently linked to DMD, too. I do notice new hits coming in from blogs and websites -- so, if you're recently added DMD to your Blogroll, or linked to a review/feature... thanks very much! In particular; Crimespree Cinema's readership can't get enough of the Sexiest Women On TV In 2008 list, the randy so-and-so's.