Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Sexiest Women On TV In 2008: #30 - #21

Tuesday, 6 January 2009
Okay, so we're off and rolling. If you haven't done so already, you can catch-up with Part 1 here, before enjoying Part 2 below. We start today with #30...

(NEW) 30. Jemima Rooper
(Lost In Austen)
Scrunch-faced Jemima Rooper was the star of Lost In Austen (the female version of Life On Mars, spiritually), and proved to be a delightful and engaging heroine by the end. This was Jemima's first headlining role, but she's been in a stack of TV shows over the past 15 years. Lots of people may remember her lesbian scenes in Sky1's Hex. Or if not, they'll be acquainting themselves with them online in a few minutes. Not a conventional beauty, but Jemima's squinty eyes, bee-stung lips and girly appeal are still very alluring. DOB: 24 October 1981

(NEW) 29. Leven Rambin
(Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles)
A well-known face on US daytime TV, thanks mainly to her role in All My Children, Leven Rambin was chosen to play John Connor's cute girlfriend Riley in season 2 of the Terminator TV series. The archetypal blonde with classic good-looks and curvy bod, it's little wonder she distracted John for much of the show's run. Killing cyborgs or snogging Leven upstairs in your bedroom? You made the right choice come Judgment Day, J.C. DOB: 17 May 1990

(NEW) 28. Jodi Lyn O'Keefe
(Prison Break)
She's played sour-puss assassin Gretchen Morgan on Prison Break for two years now, and is consequently the face of forbidden fruit. Like a black widow spider, you know she'd eat you alive if you ever wandered into her sexual web. A model from an early age, Jodi hasn't had much success career-wise (film "highlights" include The Crow 3 and Devil In The Flesh 2), but her dangerous sex-appeal on Prison Break is a potent force. Her piercing blue eyes, long legs, short skirts, and the occasionally salacious scene (like that kinky schoolgirl moment), are all prime reasons to stick with Prison Break. DOB: 10 October 1978

(NEW) 27. Rose Byrne
An established film actress, Rose Byrne has come to my wider attention through legal drama Damages, although I remember her in Sunshine and 28 Weeks Later. A native Australian, she perfected an American accent to play Damages' doe-eyed heroine – prodigious, idealistic attorney Ellen Parsons; the kind of intelligent gal who looks great in a pencil skirt, and also treated us to a few tender love scenes with her screen fiancé. The thinking man's crush. DOB: 24 July 1979

(17) 26. Anna Friel
(Pushing Daisies)
Bryan Fuller's fairy tale fantasy is now defunct, so anyone wanting a fix of Friel's wide-eyed Chuck will have to make do with repeats. Anna's girly enthusiasm and kooky fashion sense on Daisies was a regular highlight, even if the sexuality was always targeted at Dr. Seuss-reading eight-year-olds. Hopefully her next role will see Anna shake-off the day-glo glitter, and perhaps even touch her next screen lover! DOB: 12 July 1976

(NEW) 25. Sarah Lancaster
Overshadowed in Chuck by a bevvy of beauties, including guest-stars like Rachel Bilson and Jordana Brewster, Sarah's the beautiful and reliable type you could imagine taking home to see your parents without them suspecting she's only after their son's money. The season 1 fancy-dress episodes still contains her hottest moment on the show -- dressed as Eve, with only fig leaves keeping her modesty. Oooh. DOB: 12 February 1980

(25) 24. Katee Sackhoff
(Battlestar Galactica & Bionic Woman)
Her role as Starbuck has always been too butch and cigar-chomping for my taste (and Galactica's flight overalls weren't designed to enhance a woman's curves, were they?), but Katee got a rare chance to exude her tomboy oestrogen as a cyborg villainess in the short-lived Bionic Woman remake. And, take a look at that photo above -- she scrubs up well, no? DOB: 8 April 1980

(NEW) 23. Keeley Hawes
(Ashes To Ashes)
Former Spooks star Keeley Hawes was chosen as the time-traveller in Ashes To Ashes, the '80s-set Life On Mars sequel. Unfortunately, Keeley was stuck with a perm and her character had a chip on her shoulder the size of Gene Hunt's belly, but who can forget her '80s "bolly knickers" look in the early episodes, or the cat-suit fancy-dress? If there was a God, she'd be playing Emma Peel in a revival of The Avengers. DOB: 10 February 1976

(8) 22. Kristin Chenoweth
(Pushing Daisies)
If there's one actress on this list who doesn't look her age, it's 40-year-old Kristin Chenoweth. Forty! Can you believe it? Me neither. Pushing Daisies has been cancelled, sadly, so there won't be any more of Cheno's tweety-pie voice, petite curviness and plump cleavage. Well, not until we see her again in courtroom drama Legally Mad this year. DOB: 24 July 1968

(NEW) 21. Mädchen Amick
(My Own Worst Enemy)
A cult face thanks to her role on '90s mind-fuck Twin Peaks, Madchen Amick never caught a break after David Lynch series drew to a close. Mind you, this slinky goddess has now morphed into a middle-aged honey, and recently played Christian Slater's hot wife in sci-fi series My Own Worst Enemy. Only now it's been axed. Is this lady jinxed? Hopefully someone will need a fortysomething hottie for another television show soon. Calling Desperate Housewives... DOB: 12 December 1970

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