Monday, 21 September 2009


Monday, 21 September 2009

[SPOILERS] I happened to stumble upon a repeat showing of Crash's second episode last night, so decided to give the show another chance after its ludicrous start. I'm oddly glad I did, too. Not because the show has suddenly improved, but because this medical drama is perhaps the most unintentionally hilarious programme on television right now...

Following the death of flatmate/friend/colleague/deity Rob, the remaining three freshman doctors resolve to get through another day, and we're treated to another sprightly half-hour of laughable situations and the most comically skewed interpretation of hospital life I've ever seen outside of a Scrubs marathon. Honestly, if they'd hire someone to put some intentional jokes in the script (like a few prataflls and hijinks with a defibrillator), I'd probably be raving about Crash as a worthy successor to Green Wing. As it stands though, there's plenty to giggle at, but it's funny because the show tries so desperately to be dramatic and affecting in its tale of ingenuous students taking their first steps as doctors.

Ameer (Simon Rivers) again spent half the episode fretting over his duties in the staff toilet (this time he couldn't bring himself to tell a patient her cancer has returned), and he spent the other half cowering outside behind the skips; Cath (Kezia Burrows) learned a lesson in health care thanks to slices of toast, then fulfilled her "eye candy" role by shagging the inexplicably fanciable Dr. Hill (Mark Lewis Jones), before discovering Hill's married to her immediate superior and kneeing him in the groin; and cute Rhian (Elin Philips) exposed a phony patient by prepping him for a painful injection in his supposedly "numb" leg.

This second episode culminated with all three doctors sitting around an elderly woman, discussing their late-friend and disastrous lives, while feeding her tubs of chocolate ice cream. Three young and sexy doctors feeding you treats at your bedside -- is this an accurate reflection of the NHS? Anyway, Crash clearly believes good drama can only equal DEATH, so the geriatric hilariously dies right in front of them, in-between mouthfuls. Perhaps it was an overdose of ice cream, or maybe the conversation was that poor, I guess we'll never know...

I recommend you watch Crash, because its sheer ineptitude (only bested by the characters' decision-making) is oddly compelling and amuses me throughout. They're like three kids playing dress-up, floating around the wards like startled rabbits, patients dying all around them. It's quite a scary interpretation of the NHS, actually. But, to end on a positive, it's a great advert for Bupa.

16 September 2009
BBC HD, 8.30pm

written by: Rob Gittins directed by: Ashley Way starring: Kezia Burrows (Cath Llewelyn), Elin Philips (Rhian Matthews), Simon Rivers (Ameer Mowad), Gareth Milton (Simon Strettle), Mark Lewis Jones (Mr. Hill), Nia Roberts (Mary Finch), Ian Virgo (Alun Gethin), Kezrena James (Nurse Penny), Dewi Rhys Williams (Mr Boyd), David Smith (Tommy), Chris Reilly (Doctor) & Menna Trussler (Gwen)