Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Poll: Which was the best season of 24?

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

2010's becoming the graveyard for some of my favourite shows, with 24 now joining Lost in airing its series finale. Over 8 seasons, Jack Bauer's been saving the world precisely 24-hours after first hearing about any given crisis, but which year was his greatest day? Please vote for your favourite season here, or by clicking one of the images below:

Day 1: Assassination
It gave us: sweet Teri Bauer - imperiled Kim Bauer - sly Nina Meyers - Mandy the lesbian assassin - jobsworth George Mason - honourable David Palmer - ambitious Cheri Palmer - Mike Novick - the Drazens - eye-rolling amnesia - guest-star Dennis Hopper

Day 2: Nuclear Bomb
It gave us: hacksaw decapitation - loyal Tony Almeida - CTU bombed - sexy Kate Warner - mushroom cloud in a desert - a wedding - a cougar - Jack's heart-stopper - guest-star Tobin Bell

Day 3: Killer Virus
It gave us: a trip to Mexico - Jack's easily-beaten heroine addiction - Russian Roulette in a prison - professional Michelle Dessler - dependable Chase Edmunds - Chapelle's sacrifice - misfit Chloe O'Brian - confident Wayne Palmer

Day 4: Power Plant Meltdown
It gave us: geeky Edgar Styles - career-minded Audrey Raines -Air Force One's attack - Vice-President Charles Logan - macho Curtis Manning - EMP blackout - a Stealth Fighter - strong-willed Bill Buchanan - the nuclear football - the Chinese - B-movie guest-star Arnold Vosloo

Day 5: Poison Gas
It gave us: Evil President Logan - crazy First Lady Martha Logan - Russian President Suvarov - CTU gassed - affable Morris - a Russian submarine - L.A martial law - guest-stars Julian Sands, Sean Astin and Peter Weller as Jack's mentor

Day 6: Suitcase Nukes
It gave us: L.A nuked - Chinese gangsters - Jack's evil brother - CTU takeover - unctuous Tom Lennox - dimwit Mike Doyle - guest-stars Powers Boothe and James Cromwell as Papa Bauer

Day 7: Bio-weapon
It gave us: Bad Tony - idealistic President Taylor - capable Renee Walker - White House siege - Ethan Kanin - by-the-book Larry Moss - African warlords - grouchy Janis Gold - guest-star Jon Voight as patriot Jonas Hodges

Day 8: Presidential Assassination
It gave us: Jack fan Agent Cole Ortiz - duplicitous Dana Walsh - EMP attack - gruff Brian Hastings - anti-nuke peace treaty - austere Dalia Hassan - Jack goes rogue - guest-star Anil Kapoor as President Hassan

The poll will close on Sunday 13 June @5pm (GMT)