Friday, 20 August 2010

Merlin returns in September

Friday, 20 August 2010
It's been confirmed that Merlin's third series will debut on BBC1 this September. The cast are beginning to tease the new episodes, with a few cast members chatting to SFX magazine about its darker tone:

Anthony Head, who plays King Uther:

"It's war. Full-blown war. It's huge. I have to say, some of the effects are amazing. When you see a huge, flaming catapult shot rolling down the street, it's like, 'Oh my god!' Big, big stuff."
Colin Morgan, who plays Merlin:

"Bad things are happening. There are some big things coming up. The third series is set a year in the future. We get straight into the action and we don't really hold back on a lot of the confrontations, and the changes in the characters are evident right from the very beginning. Friendships are being forged and broken and reborn and burned again. And that's within the first couple of episodes; really within eight pages of the first script."
Julian Murphy, producer:

"It's still a family show. Kids can still watch it. We're careful about what we do. People watch it on different levels... we also keep a lot of humour. We still do episodic comedy stories. There's a fantastic story where a goblin appears -- played by Mark Williams -- which is probably the funniest episode we've ever made. But we are a little bit darker than when we started, without a shadow of doubt."