Tuesday, 23 November 2010

FX UK: Coming In 2011

Tuesday, 23 November 2010
FX's press people have announced a rough schedule of their plans for next year, and it makes for interesting reading. So, you know, after I desperately try to make this blurb last long enough to word-wrap the image on the left better, read on:

True Blood – Season 3 (UK premiere)
The Cleveland Show – Season 1 (FX debut)
American Dad - Season 6 (UK premiere)
Breaking Bad – Season 1 (FX repeat)

NCIS – Season 8
The Walking Dead – Season 1 (repeat)
Arrested Development (FX debut, repeats)

The Wire – Season 1-5 (repeats)
The Listener – Season 2 (UK premiere)
The Booth – web-series starring Xander Berkley (24, Nikita), described as "In Treatment meets The Twilight Zone"

The Defenders – Season 1 (UK premiere)

Dexter – Season 5 (UK premiere)
Now, the news worth shouting from the rooftop is that Breaking Bad's getting another repeat on FX. It actually debuted in the UK on that digital channel, but I think it's fair to say more people have access to FX these days -- so, hopefully Breaking Bad will have a better chance to shine. I'm hoping the buzz from existing British fans is strong enough to get more people tuning in. It's a national TV disgrace that Breaking Bad's not more widely known in the UK.