Thursday, 27 January 2011

State of the Blog: 'Firefly', Disqus, replies, rankings

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Short break

First, a quick heads-up that I'm away for a few days until Saturday, so updates will be a little erratic until I get back. Luckily, V and No Ordinary Family are on a break, so I probably won't miss too much.

Fireflying high

You may remember I promised to tackle my long-awaited Firefly review over Christmas, for a January post. Did I manage that? Yes! Did I manage to complete the review? Um, no. I think I'm going to stop giving updates on reviews that are tough to fit into my schedule. Doing so used to encourage me to get a move on, but I've becoming immune to that tactic now. And I'm sure you're bored of me updating you on my slothful pace in a few areas. Also, whenever I get some fee days, I don't feel like filling them with more writing. I need those breaks! But still, rest assured that my Firefly (and Alien Anthology) reviews ARE ongoing and WILL surface here one day. Hopefully they'll be worth the wait!

Disqus demystified

To clarify a few concerns about Disqus: Firstly, Disqus is the name of the third-party software that handles DMD's commenting system. A few people didn't know this and were confused reading my last SOTB entry! Sorry about that; I thought it was common knowledge. Secondly, I have been made aware of a weird bug where the commenting box doesn't expand if you type more than a box-full of text. It should adjust automatically, but there have been occasions when the box remains fixed in size and anything you type gets "hidden" if you type more than five lines or so. Sorry if this happens to you! It's not MY fault, but an issue with Disqus itself. I'm enquiring about this error with them, so hopefully they'll have a fix soon.

Also, a few people were wondering how to create avatars, after I suggested more people use them -- especially if they've become, or want to become, regulars visitors. Apparently the process isn't very intuitive, but a few people did manage it. Maybe someone can write a quick how-to guide in the comments. I would assume you just need to visit and signup for an account. It may ask you some weird questions, but you're not signing up to create a blog/site, just registering your profile. You can also link the created profile to Facebook or Twitter, so if your avatar changes there Disqus will grab the latest version. I know a few commenters here are linked to Twitter in such a way, including myself. It's very handy.

Incidentally, that issue with the commenting space not automatically enlarging as you type is being looked into. It's a fault Disqus are aware of, so just be patient and it'll hopefully be fixed soon.

Silly Face of the Week

CHUCK - "Chuck Versus The Gobbler"

Leave a comment, I'll get back to you...

Finally, in case you'd forgotten, it's impossible for me to reply to comments between 9-5pm (GMT) now, owing to a recent Disqus upgrade that doesn't work with Internet Explorer 6. If you're kind enough to leave a comment anywhere, I'm still able to read them online, but I can't respond until I get home. I'm not being rude if it takes 8-hours to answer any questions you may ask in a comment, etc. Anyway, maybe this will encourage commenters to discuss things amongst yourselves more? That's always good to see.

That's so... rank!

A few readers have asked how I'd rank all the currently-airing TV shows I'm watching, so... ask no more:

1. Fringe
2. Human Target
3. Being Human
4. Spartacus: Gods Of The Arena
5. Chuck
6. The Good Wife
7. Caprica (catchups)
8. No Ordinary Family
9. Glee
10. V
11. Being Human (USA)
12. Primeval
13. Episodes
14. The Cape
Naturally, that list fluctuates every few weeks.