Saturday, 8 January 2011

Vote for 'Obsessed With Film' as 'Best Overall Blog' for Total Film magazine!

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Total Film magazine are running some polls to find the best movie-related sites for 2011. Obsessed With Film has been shortlisted as one of the candidates for Blog Of The Year --which is a great achievement in itself. Now, I've been writing TV news pieces for OWF, and that site gets my TV premiere reviews as exclusives, so I'm obviously hopeful they win this award...

So, I thought I'd draw your attention to Total Film's Best Overall Blog poll. Please vote for Obsessed With Film! Otherwise, a blog with more name recognition, that's already pretty successful (hence its many votes), will get the accolade. And I think that's a pity, because it would be great if a lesser-known blog like OWF won this award, as it would give the site a huge boost of interest and traffic, which in turns leads to more advertising revenue. And with more cash flowing in, via ads and sponsorships, OWF stands a chance of becoming a profitable online business, and its staff can be paid for their efforts.

See what I mean? This kind of thing may look like a silly poll that doesn't really matter, but it can have a real impact on real people trying to make a living online. So PLEASE vote for Obsessed With Film. It will only take, like, five seconds of your valuable time. I promise.

Also, it would be fantastic if you could promote this poll online, via Facebook, Twitter, and suchlike. Maybe coerce a few people to give OWF a vote, too? If you'd like to help further, send people a link to -- with a "nudge, nudge" towards OWF.

The blog to beat seems to be Ultra Culture, which is run by the "kid" who appears on Film 2011 with Claudia Winkleman. So, naturally, he has a TV presence to help him snaffle votes. Is that really fair? Let's see if OWF can't give his site a run for its money, with a little help from DMD's reliable and helpful readership.

Thanks everyone!