Monday, 14 February 2011

Poll Result: who are the hottest TV couple?

Monday, 14 February 2011

To celebrate Valentine's Day, last Friday I asked you to vote for who you think the hottest TV couple are, from a selection of lovebirds who appear on TV shows I'm currently reviewing. You could vote for a total of three sexy couples, with the option to add one pick of your own. This poll received an impressive 117 votes (despite only running for 4 days), and the results are below, in ascending order:

10. Other votes: Troy & Abed (Community; haha!), Roger & Joan (Mad Men; not a couple, strictly speaking), Kurt (Glee; um, who isn't with anyone!), Jax (Sons Of Anarchy; I have no idea who he's dating), Eric & Tami (Friday Night Lights; beyond me), and Lorelai (Gilmore Girls; no clue -- who's she dating?)

9) 0.85%: Sean & Leila (The Event), Tyler & Lisa (V) - what a double-date that would be!

8. 2.56%: Peter & Olivia, Peter & Fauxlivia (Fringe), Connor & Abby (Primeval) & Batiatus & Lucretia (Spartacus)

7. 3.42%: Mark & Dobby (Peep Show), Gwen & Rhys (Torchwood)

6. 5.98%: Arthur & Gwen (Merlin)

5. 6.84% - George & Nina (Being Human)
Hospital porter George and nurse Nina were quite a popular vote, despite claims their relationship has upset the core trio's dynamic. Still, the besotted werewolves have endeared themselves to many of you, maybe because theirs is quite a plausible romance? I mean, ignoring the fangs n' fur problems every month.

4. 9.4% - Bill & Sookie (True Blood)
There's an animal passion to vampire Bill and telepathic waitress Sookie, prodded along by the most graphic sex scenes of any other couple on this list. For that reason, I expected a higher ranking! Can you get much hotter than seeing this pair starkers? Actors Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin are married in real-life, so maybe they'll have to up their game for TV? Mind you, there are plenty of people out there who definitely melt whenever Bill pants "Soo-keh".

3. 11.11% - Amy & Rory (Doctor Who)
I was a little surprised to see this pair doing so well, as I'm not really convinced Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill make for a hot couple. But I guess there's a sweetness between them, even if it strays into an uncomfortable brother-and-sister vibe most of the time. Did people vote because they find gormless Rory cute and leggy Amy too sexy to resist voting for?

2. 18.8% - Simon & Alisha (Misfits)
A new coupling, but evidently a very popular one. I'm sure it helped that actors Iwan Rheon and Antonia Thomas often appeared in fairly graphic sex scenes. There's also a level of mutual fantasy to their relationship: as introverted Simon landed himself a sexy girlfriend, while extroverted Alisha found herself a metrosexual superman-to-be. (She first fell in love with a future, muscled version of wallflower Simon -- do keep up.)

1. 20.51% - Chuck & Sarah (Chuck)
The winners by a long chalk were geeky Chuck Bartowski and super-spook Sarah Walker. Again, there's some fantasy involved from the male perspective (particularly if you work in an electrical store and hope a dreamgirl will enter through the automatic doors, triggering a wind-machine), but what's probably most effective about "Chara" (or "Shuck"?) is the fact the show ended the "will-they/won't-they?" teasing and has started treating them as mature adults planning a married future together... while still finding time to dress as belly dancers and kick-ass.

And that concludes this Valentine's Day special poll! Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote!