Saturday, 5 February 2011

Poll Result: will you be watching Sky Atlantic?

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Earlier this week I asked everyone a very simple question: will you be watching Sky Atlantic? Sky's brand new channel, their home of the exclusive HBO programming that cost them £150m, started on 1 February with much fanfare. But are people actually going to watch it regularly, or plan to? I received 133 votes on this poll, with the results below:

Yes! I have Sky, it'll be a fave channel - 33.3%

No, I'll download shows/buy box-sets - 33.3%

Yes, but only occasionally - 15.1%

No! I'm just going to miss those shows - 12.1%

Sadly not, but I'm tempted to get Sky now - 0%

It's frustrating the two most popular votes were a tie, but the above order also represents how long each choice was in favour. Generally, over the course of the week, the most popular vote was always a resounding "yes", followed closely by "download instead". The more interesting thing about this quick poll is that nobody voted "tempted to get Sky", which is exactly what Sky hope people decide to do, as SkyA's intended to draw a new type of customer to BSkyB, which has been the traditional home of sports and movies in the UK.