Friday, 25 February 2011

Talking Point: will you be watching the Oscars?

Friday, 25 February 2011

This is primarily a TV blog, but I cover movies occasionally, so what are you thoughts on this Sunday's Oscars? Is Natalie Portman a shoo in for Best Actress? Can anyone beat Colin Firth to Best Actor? Is The Social Network going to steal Best Picture from The King's Speech? Or don't you care about any of this pomp and ceremony?

I won't be watching. I don't think I've seen the Oscars more than a handful of times in my entire life, as it's always shown so late in the UK. I think it starts at half-one in the morning this year? That's ridiculous! Why don't they hold the Oscars on a Saturday? It would undoubtedly boost the worldwide ratings, as most people in unfortunate time-zones DO want to watch it, but they have work on Monday morning. By the time I consider watching the next day's highlights, I already know all the results, so can rarely summon the enthusiasm.

And what do you make of James Franco and Anne Hathaway co-hosting? A good, unexpected choice? Are you braced for a disaster, as neither of them are comedians? I hear they're going to be performing a dance number from Grease, which means Hathaway will perhaps give fanboys a taste of her Catwoman by slipping on Olivia Newton-John-style leathers. Worth setting the DVR for, I reckon.

I was delighted to see 40+ comments in my previous Talking Point, so hope you all get stuck into this topic, below. Have at it!