Monday, 21 March 2011

BBC extend 'Merlin' series 4

Monday, 21 March 2011

Great news for fans of BBC1's Merlin; the fantasy saga's fourth series will be extended from the previously announced ten episodes to its standard thirteen.

Producer Johnny Capps, speaking to SFX Magazine:

"There was talk there would be 10 [episodes] but there will be 13. We were very lucky with series three [because] it was hugely successful and we built our audience throughout, so I think the BBC now sees [Merlin] as one of their most important Autumn dramas, especially for a Saturday night."
Capps, on the emergence of the Knights of the Round Table:

"The knights are important characters throughout the series. They are around a lot. In series four, Camelot has changed to a certain degree. Uther is a broken man, so Arthur has to take a little bit more control. People are surprised that [Arthur] has given these people that aren't of noble birth the title of knight, so there's an interesting tension around him and his posse of knights."
It was also confirmed that series 4 will premiere with a two-part episode, and that Howard Overman (Misfits) will be writing episode 3.

I'm sure fans are happy they'll be getting another two episodes when series 4 rolls round, and it's good to see the BBC showing such faith in Merlin. Surprisingly, it proved to be excellent counter-programming against ITV1's X Factor last year.

I just hope, as always, that the writers stop beating about the bush and keep moving towards some real goals -- although, now Merlin's being held in such high esteem by the BBC, I daresay they'll be trying to ensure it can run for years and years. Are the actors up for that commitment?