Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Petition: Bring Back 'Whites'

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

I was delighted my post about the online campaign to save the BBC2 sitcom Whites was very much appreciated. Last I checked, it has been re-tweeted 167 times and shared on Facebook 67 times. A special thanks to @UKComedyNews and Whites stars @alandavies1 and @isysuttie for helping in that endeavour.

The #BringBackWhites hashtag was already up-and-running before I got involved, but I'm glad my blog has helped give the campaign added focus. I know from e-mails that many fans appreciated being told about the various ways they can try to encourage a reconsideration from BBC Comedy. Those suggestions can be read here.

In addition, now you can follow @bringbackwhites on Twitter for the latest campaign news and sign their online petition! They need 10,000 votes and it's currently around 400, so there's work to be done! Spread the word!

I have no idea how effective this campaign will be. Do the BBC take heed of trends on Twitter and Facebook support? Someone does, but I doubt any bigwigs care. Will letters have a bigger impact? Yes, undoubtedly. In general, it's better to do something instead of just sit back and mourn the passing of a good comedy without lifting a finger to revive it. If nothing else, the BBC will perhaps take note about the love for Whites and give a similar comedy a better chance in the future.

But don't rest on your laurels, "Whities". Fan campaigns in the UK are more likely to be successful than the examples you see in America. This is the BBC, we're talking about. Your BBC. You helped pay for Whites. If the BBC need to save cash this year, fine, but make them realize they can save it elsewhere by axing shows nobody would bother campaigning for.

Remember: Twitter, email, Facebook, write. It all helps. How can it hurt? And, importantly, spread the word. If everyone reading this gets a few more people to sign the petition, or tweet @bbccomedy, and they then do the same, that will snowball into a huge outpouring of support very quickly. The BBC can't ignore a campaign if it becomes a super-sized effort. The bigger, the better. Each supporter equals a committed viewer for a potential second series. There must be close to 1.5m people willing to support #BringBackWhites if the ratings are any indication. Maybe you know some, who don't get involved with stuff like this online? Why not encourage them to? It won't take a minute.

So, if you want the BBC to rethink their position, help them come to the realization that Whites is worth bringing back.

In the meantime, why not read Cath Bore's take on Whites and why the show's particularly important to women, and Anglotopia's 5 Reasons We Need More Whites.