Tuesday, 26 April 2011

BAFTA Television Awards 2011: The Nominees

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The BAFTA Television nominees have been announced for 2011, ahead of the ceremony in London on 22 May. The full list is below, together with some predictions and thoughts from yours truly:

Leading Actor
  • Jim Broadbent - Any Human Heart (Channel 4)
  • Benedict Cumberbatch - Sherlock (BBC One) – PREDICTION
  • Daniel Rigby - Eric & Ernie (BBC Two)
  • Matt Smith - Doctor Who (BBC One)
My thoughts: It's great to see Matt Smith get his first nod, but I have a suspicion BAFTA have grown bored of Doctor Who dominating awards and will instead plump for the panache of Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes. Daniel Rigby's an outside change, with a good comic performance. I didn't see Any Human Heart, so can't comment on Jim Broadbent.

Leading Actress
  • Anna Maxwell Martin - South Riding (BBC One)
  • Vicky McClure - This Is England '86 (Channel 4) - PREDICTION
  • Natalie Press - Five Daughters (BBC One)
  • Juliet Stevenson - Accused (BBC One)
My thoughts: It has to be Vicky McClure with her spunky performance in This Is England '86; the attempted rape scene alone should bag her the BAFTA.

Supporting Actor
  • Brendan Coyle - Downton Abbey (ITV1)
  • Martin Freeman - Sherlock (BBC One)
  • Johnny Harris - This Is England '86 (Channel 4)
  • Robert Sheehan - Misfits (E4) - PREDICTION
My thoughts: Robert Sheehan's leaving Misfits, so what better way to honour a truly breakout performance that became 50% of the reason many people watched a silly-sounding teen superhero drama. Martin Freeman also did great work on Sherlock, while Johnny Harris was marvelous in This Is England '86. I didn't see enough of Downton Abbey to comment on Brendan Coyle.

Supporting Actress
  • Gillian Anderson - Any Human Heart (Channel 4)
  • Lynda Baron - The Road To Coronation Street (BBC Four)
  • Lauren Socha - Misfits (E4)
  • Jessie Wallace - The Road To Coronation Street (BBC Four) - PREDICTION
My thoughts: I didn't see enough of these to comment, but I doubt Lauren Socha's done enough to warrant a win for Misfits. My gut says Jessie Wallace may snatch it.

Entertainment Performance
  • Rob Brydon - The Rob Brydon Show (BBC Two)
  • Stephen Fry - QI (BBC One)
  • Harry Hill - Harry Hill's TV Burp (ITV1)
  • Graham Norton - The Graham Norton Show (BBC One) - PREDICTION
My thoughts: The usual suspects, eh? I say Graham Norton's the only person who really has to stretch and adapt on his show, so deserves the win more than the rest.

Female Performance In A Comedy Programme
  • Jo Brand - Getting On (BBC Four)
  • Dawn French - Roger & Val Have Just Got In (BBC Two)
  • Miranda Hart - Miranda (BBC Two) - PREDICTION
  • Katherine Parkinson - The IT Crowd (Channel 4)
My thoughts: Miranda Hart's probably going to walk away with the prize, after her British Comedy Awards success.

Male Performance In A Comedy Programme
  • James Buckley - The Inbetweeners (E4)
  • Steve Coogan - The Trip (BBC Two)
  • Tom Hollander - Rev (BBC Two) - PREDICTION
  • David Mitchell - Peep Show (Channel 4)
My thoughts: Steve Coogan was great, but Tom Hollander's a new face in this category and really Rev into the surprise hit it was.

Single Drama
  • Eric & Ernie (BBC Two) - PREDICTION
  • I Am Slave (Channel 4)
  • The Road to Coronation Street (BBC Four)
  • The Special Relationship (BBC Two)
My thoughts: Eric & Ernie was fantastic, so I'd love to see it win. The Special Relationship didn't quite come together, and I can't see the other being crowned ahead of E&E.

Drama Series
  • Being Human (BBC Three)
  • Downton Abbey (ITV1) - PREDICTION
  • Misfits (E4)
  • Sherlock (BBC One)
My thoughts: Misfits won last year, so I doubt it'll do the double. My heart wants Sherlock to win, but Downton Abbey has a better chance.

Drama Serial
  • Any Human Heart (Channel 4)
  • Mad Dogs (Sky1)
  • The Sinking Of The Laconia (BBC Two)
  • The Promise (Channel 4) - PREDICTION
My thoughts: I didn't see enough, so can't really comment here. Mad Dogs was good, but the last two episodes soured a terrific start. I suspect The Promise will win.

Continuing Drama
  • Casualty (BBC One)
  • Coronation Street (ITV1)
  • EastEnders (BBC One) - PREDICTION
  • Waterloo Road (BBC One)
My thoughts: It's a coin toss, right? EastEnders, then.

  • Boardwalk Empire (Sky Atlantic/HBO)
  • Glee (E4/Twentieth Century Fox)
  • The Killing (BBC Four/DR/ZDF Enterprises) - PREDICTION
  • Mad Men (BBC Four/Lionsgate Television)
My thoughts: You'd think Boardwalk Empire, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say the surprise success of BBC4's Danish import The Killing will give it a victory. Even if the show's actually years old now.

Factual Series
  • Coppers (Channel 4)
  • One Born Every Minute (Channel 4) - PREDICTION
  • Welcome To Lagos (BBC Two)
  • The Young Ones (BBC One)
My thoughts: One Born Every Minute is the only show anyone's been talking about, so...

Specialist Factual
  • Alan Bennett & The Habit Of Art (The Making Of) (More4)
  • Flying Monsters 3D (Sky3D)
  • Human Planet (BBC One) - PREDICTION
  • Pompeii: Life and Death in a Roman Town (BBC Two)
My thoughts: It has to be Human Planet, surely.

Single Documentary
  • Between Life and Death (BBC One)
  • The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan (More4)
  • Pink Saris (More4)
  • Scenes From A Teenage Killing (BBC Four)
My thoughts: I can't comment.

  • Come Dine With Me (Channel 4)
  • Hugh's Fish Fight (Channel 4)
  • Mary Queen of Shops (BBC Two)
  • Pineapple Dance Studios (Sky1) - PREDICTION
My thoughts: Pineapple Dance Studios really exploded for Sky and unleashed Louis Spence on us. They're even reward it for that.

Current Affairs
  • Kids In Care (Panorama) (BBC One)
  • Lost Girls of South Africa (Dispatches) (Channel 4)
  • Secret Iraq (BBC Two)
  • Zimbabwe's Forgotten Children (BBC Four)
My thoughts: I can't comment.

News Coverage
  • BBC One Ten O'Clock News: Handover of Power (BBC One/BBC News 24)
  • Channel 4 News: From Chile's Ecstasy to Congo's Agony (Channel 4)
  • ITV News At Ten: The Cumbria Murders (ITV1)
  • Sky News: Egypt Crisis (Sky News)
My thoughts: I can't comment, but I tend to prefer BBC news.

  • 6 Nations: England v Wales (BBC One)
  • FA Cup Final: Chelsea v Portsmouth (ITV1)
  • Formula 1: The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix (BBC One)
  • Wimbledon 2010 (BBC One)
My thoughts: I'm drawing a blank, but Formula 1 coverage always looks more complex and cutting-edge on TV.

New Media
  • LabUK/Brain Test Britain
  • Misfits
  • Malcolm Tucker: The Missing Phone
  • Wallace and Gromit's World of Invention - PREDICTION
My thoughts: I'm not sure, but I think Wallace & Gromit did more to bridge the media gap with kids.

Entertainment Programme
  • The Cube (ITV1) - PREDICTION
  • The Graham Norton Show (BBC One)
  • Have I Got News For You (BBC One)
  • The X Factor (ITV1)
My thoughts: The X Factor will probably win, but I'll predict The Cube because it's fresher and deserves more acknowledgment.

Comedy Programme
  • Catherine Tate's Little Cracker (Sky1)
  • Come Fly With Me (BBC One) - PREDICTION
  • Facejacker (E4)
  • Harry and Paul (BBC Two)
My thoughts: Come Fly With Me is more high profile, so it'll win.

Situation Comedy
  • Mrs Brown's Boys (BBC One)
  • Peep Show (Channel 4)
  • Rev (BBC Two)
  • The Trip (BBC Two) - PREDICTION
My thoughts: I'd say it's between Rev and The Trip, but the latter gets my vote.