Saturday, 23 April 2011

Jump the Blast #15 - 'Breakout Kings'

This week we have a Jump the Blast submission from reader Bhavin Mandora, taken from A&E's new series BREAKOUT KINGS. This screengrab shows the week's escapee "successfully blowing up a symbol of the oppressive American Government's communications in honor of his hero Carl Hunts." It doesn't make much sense to me, but it's a tough-looking guy walking away from a fiery spectacle, which is what we want. And it's got me thinking: why aren't there more women "jumping the blast"? If you have a good example to share, follow the instructions below:

Have you noticed a shot in a film, trailer, advert, or TV show that features someone jumping/walking away from an explosion of some kind? If so, why not email me a screengrab and you can be credited in the next installment of "Jump the Blast".
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