Thursday, 14 April 2011

Patience, Blogger problems

Thursday, 14 April 2011
I suspect Blogger are upgrading their system, which means I'm unable to access my dashboard with Internet Explorer 6 at times. It's an outdated browser, I know -- but that's what I'm forced to use at work. Consequently, I'm sometimes unable to post anything from my work computer, although the matter currently seems to be restricted to just the mornings!

I'll try and "auto-post" a few things the evening before (like these very words you're reading now), but if there's a suspicious lack of updates... well, you know why now. Worse case scenario is that a day's updates will go up in a batch around 5pm.

All this in addition to the fact Disqus have updated their coding in 2011, which has meant I can't reply to comments from work with IE6, either! Oh well, can't be helped. On the plus side, I hear that my workplace will be upgrading Internet Explorer in May, so hopefully this problem's not going to last much longer than a month or so. It may even sort itself out from Blogger's end soon, if they're actually the ones to blame.

In the meantime, please be patient. My reviews of TV pilots/premieres at OWF will not be affected by this, obviously -- but I won't be able to immediately alert you to their existence at DMD. If you're pretty sure a premiere review's due one day, I suggest you check OWF directly.

Thank you.