Thursday, 28 April 2011

Poll Result: who's your favourite resurrected character?

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Last week I asked you to vote for your favourite resurrected fictional character (i.e a character who "cheated clinical death".) There were 52 votes, with the results below:

ONE VOTES - 1.92%
The Crow's Eric Draven, RoboCop's Alex Murphy, Alien's Ellen Ripley, X-Men's Jean Grey & Torchwood's Owen Harper, Misfits' Nathan Young, Skulduggery Pleasant & 24's Jack Bauer (who was revived after his heart stopped beating in season 2.)

5. Herrick, Kenny & Spock – 3.85%
Quite surprised by the support for Being Human's vampire Herrick, seeing as his resurrection wasn't popular with some fans. Fun to see South Park's Kenny make the top 5, as he dies in nearly every episode and his resurrection is never actually explained. Spock is by far the best choice here, as his return to life after an iconic death scene in Star Trek II became the basis for the entire third movie.

4. Gandalf – 11.54%
Gandalf the Grey was apparently killed in a free-fall punch-up with the Balrog in The Fellowship Of The Ring, but returned as Gandalf the White for The Two Towers -- wielding such awesome magical powers as... um, the ability to reflect light into the eyes of enemies with his staff. Yeah, he's overrated.

3. Arnold J. Rimmer – 13.46%
Red Dwarf's vending machine attendant died with the rest of the mining ship's crew after a radiation leak he caused, only to be resurrected 3,000,000 years later as a sentient hologram based on the memories of his physical self. But he was still a smeg head.

2. Buffy Summers – 17.31%
I don't know the circumstances behind Buffy's death, as I never watched Buffy The Vampire Slayer that much in the '90s. But she did die. Um, temporarily. Anyone wanna fill us in, without spoiling things too much?

1. The Doctor – 30.77%
The obvious choice, certainly. Technically you can argue The Doctor never actually dies -- he just regenerates before he physically expires, to repair life-threatening injuries. But, for the purposes of this lighthearted poll, most people believe Time Lords resurrect themselves. So far, The Doctor has done this 10 times since the character was introduced 48 years ago.