Friday, 8 April 2011

State of the Blog: 10 Questions

Friday, 8 April 2011

It's question time again! Every so often I like to ask everyone 10 questions regarding DMD and its output, to keep me aware of changing opinion and expectations of the readership here. A blog's nothing without happy, engaged readers.

1. The polls appear to be popular. I sometimes squeeze two into a week (mainly to fill gaps), but do you prefer one per week? And as follow-up questions: would you like instant, real-time results, or is a separate "Poll Result" post more fun? Also, should polls run for longer than 5-7 days?

2. Would you like less or more TV news? Or is the balance right, where I tend to only post news that's relevant to the shows I watch?

3. Are there any current TV shows you wish I'd cover? In particular, I'm in two-minds about reviewing The Borgias, Rubicon and The Killing every week -- would you be up for that?

4. I've made an effort to do more TV Ratings this year. Are those posts appreciated, or don't you care about them? I don't expect many comments, but do you read them?

5. Would you like a permanent, regularly updated page that lists return/premiere dates of TV shows in the US and UK?

6. What's the general feeling about weekly comedy reviews? Pointless because "what's funny is funny", so they don't need to be critiqued so much? I only ask because some people were confused I reviewed Friday Night Dinner's first episode, but ignored everything since.

7. State of the Blog posts like this one: are they still worth doing? Could they be improved in some way? Irregular? Fortnightly? Monthly? Is weekly too often?

8. How many updates do you expect to see every day? Would it matter if updates were less frequent (sometimes NONE) if the benefit was more in-depth reviews, or the chance to cover entire box-sets?

9. Are there any long-running TV reviews you think should be dropped here, as I've done with Glee recently?

10. Talking Points thrived during February/March, but some were more popular than others. What works best about them? What makes a great Talking Point? Topicality, a la the Midsomer Murders and racism post? An unusual question?