Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Poll: which one-season wonder deserved seconds?

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The demands of television often means fantastic shows don't last more than a season, before a network pulls the plug in the face of terrible ratings. There are times when a show only airs a few episodes, before it's yanked off-air. Others are just victims of in-house politics and don't get renewed because there are fresher shows in the pipeline, or a change in management means a popular show falls out of corporate favour. It's a particular problem in the US, where success in the ratings is often the bottom line above critical acclaim and creative excellence, but there are occasional examples of British shows that don't last more than a year.

This week's poll aims to celebrate the "one-season wonder"; television shows that only lasted one season, never to return (with the rare exception of specials and a movie.) Below is a list of some notable one-season wonders, mostly from the past 20 years. Simply vote for your favourite, which can be a choice of your own as the "other" vote at the bottom.

To try and swerve any foregone conclusions here, really try to argue the merit of each one-season wonder in your mind, and whether or not it deserved another season. For instance: I'm sure many, many people will be voting Firefly. But that show DID get a feature-length movie and is still a big deal in fan circles. Didn't another show, perhaps much less known, deserve more of a chance to bloom?

It may also be worth considering if a one-season wonder told its story, satisfactorily, and didn't actually scream out for another season. Even if any such show was a particular favourite of yours.

Basically, no knee-jerk reactions! Give it some thought. Over to you...

Apologies if I've missed some favourites of yours, but it's nigh impossible to remember everything, and I don't want these polls becoming TOO unwieldy. Remember: if there's something you're annoyed is absent, simply make that your "other" vote.

This poll will close on Saturday 7 May @5PM GMT. The results will be posted here shortly afterwards.