Tuesday, 17 May 2011

State of the Blog: IT hates me

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

My workplace underwent a big IT upgrade last week, but the results haven't meant a huge improvement--well, at the moment. For instance, I'm still lumbered with Internet Explorer 6, so the inability to read or leave comments with Disqus won't improve. Even worse, there have been a number of glitches in the system, so I'm not actually able to browse the internet at work, or send/receive e-mails to external contacts.

Subsequently, my usual method of blogging (uploading content during tea breaks, perhaps filling some time by writing the occasional review) is currently impossible. This means DMD is going to be restricted for awhile--in the sense that content will have to be written at home, and perhaps uploaded later in the evening, or auto-posted for the following day. Hopefully it won't be an insurmountable issue, but you'll have to excuse any peculiar delays or things being uploaded at funny times of the day.

There's really nothing I can do until they fix the internet. There have been signs that e-mail could be repaired soon, which will definitely help matters. So I just ask for your patience and understanding.

To leave you on a positive, this has actually forced me to tinker with my Firefly review more often than usual, so there's a very good chance that could finally be posted in the near-future!

Every cloud has a silver lining...