Saturday, 28 May 2011

Talking Point: do you start watching TV shows you know have been cancelled?

Saturday, 28 May 2011

This is perhaps more of a concern for television shows that are imported, but would a show's cancellation put you off watching them to begin with? A good recent example is The Chicago Code, which was axed by Fox in the US the same week it made its UK debut on Sky1. For UK audiences, did that put you off investing time in The Chicago Code, or were you happy to just watch the season that exists? Or maybe this issue never affects you, because you don't keep a close eye on which foreign shows are being renewed/cancelled

Personally, I think good television is good television, regardless of how much of it exists. I'd happily watch a brilliant American TV show, knowing it was axed in the US. But I must admit, TV shows of only mild interest would probably get overlooked if I knew they only lasted a short while. Early cancellation doesn't inspire confidence in something, even knowing that ratings and quality are not intrinsically linked.

What do you think? Does foreknowledge of a TV show's untimely demise ever put you off watching them? Or doesn't it matter--unless you're aware there's a particularly stinging end-of-season cliffhanger that will never be resolved?

Over to you!