Monday, 9 May 2011

Who wants 'The Apprentice' series 7 reviews?

Monday, 9 May 2011

I skipped reviewing series 6 of The Apprentice last year, so tragically missed writing about the hilarious egomania of Stuart "The Brand" Baggs. What a hamster-faced plonker he was, eh? Naturally that equaled TV nirvana.

This year, I'm still in two-minds about resuming weekly blogs of The Apprentice. It's usually hard to fit them into my schedule -- although theoretically it should be easier than usual this year because it's airing into the summer (when most US shows go on hiatus) rather than the hectic late-winter period.

If I resumed Apprentice blogging, I'll likely change the format so reviews are similar to those written for The Killing -- with sections of bullet-points. It's easier and faster to write in that style -- which could benefit a show like The Apprentice, which always has a lot of information to impart about the composition of teams, the framework of tasks, and the boardroom politics to cover.

But it mostly comes down to you, valued reader. Do you want to read Apprentice blogs every week here? If so, are you likely to comment on them regularly, or just read them? There's ultimately no point doing this if there's no appetite for it.

'The Apprentice' Series 7 launches with two episodes this week (10 & 11 May -- BBC1, 9PM)