Wednesday, 1 June 2011

DVD/Blu-ray Releases: JUNE 2011 (127 Hours, I Am Number Four, Psychoville Series 2, The Fighter, The Lord Of The Rings, etc.)

Wednesday, 1 June 2011
The Godfather, The Crimson Petal & The White, 127 Hours:

127 Hours [DVD] [BLURAY]
The Bridge On The River Kwai [BLURAY]
Burn Notice: Season 4 [DVD]
Crimson Petal & The White [DVD]
The Godfather [BLURAY] (***½ out of four)
The Godfather: Part II [BLURAY] (**** out of four)
The Godafther: Part III [BLURAY]
Gnomeo & Juliet [DVD] [BLURAY]
Lead Balloon: Series 3 [DVD]
The Mechanic [DVD] [BLURAY]
The Shadow Line [DVD] [BLURAY]
Yogi Bear [DVD] [BLURAY]

Superman Anthology, Psychoville Box-set & True Grit:

Apocalypse Now [BLURAY]
The Complete Superman Collection [DVD] [BLURAY] (*** out of four)
Exile [DVD] [BLURAY]
Hereafter [DVD] [BLURAY]
Jackass 3.5 [DVD] [BLURAY]
Land Of The Giants: Season 2 [BLURAY]
Le Mans [BLURAY]
Psychoville: Series 1 & 2 [DVD] [BLURAY] (*** out of four)
Psychoville: Series 2 [DVD] [BLURAY] (**½ out of four)
The Time Tunnel: Complete Series [DVD]
True Grit [DVD] [BLURAY]
Witchfinder General [BLURAY]

The Fighter, I Am Number Four & The Twilight Zone - Season 2:

The Fighter [DVD] [BLURAY]
I Am Number Four [DVD] [BLURAY]
Point Break [BLURAY]
Rabbit Hole [DVD] [BLURAY]
The Rite [DVD] [BLURAY]
The Twilight Zone: Season 2 [BLURAY]

Lord Of The Rings trilogy, The Incredibles & Never Let Me Go:

American Dad: Season 6 [BLURAY]
The Incredibles [BLURAY]
JAG: Season 1-10 [DVD]
The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy: Extended Edition [BLURAY] (**** out of four)
Luther: Series 2 [DVD] [BLURAY]
Never Let Me Go [DVD] [BLURAY]
No Strings Attached [DVD] [BLURAY]
The Twilight Zone: Season 3 [BLURAY]