Sunday, 12 June 2011

Poll: who is your favourite TV father?

Sunday, 12 June 2011

To celebrate Father's Day on 19 June, this week's mega-poll wants to know your THREE favourite television dads. Ideally, this should be a character who's somewhat defined by being a father, not just someone who's fathered children but it has no huge impact on his personality or motivations.

I've compiled a list below to get your mental juices flowing. You can choose THREE from my list, or add some of your own as the "other vote" (remember to separate multiple unique answers with commas).

And to inspire some discussion below, it dawned on me as I was compiling this list that there are plenty of typical "TV dads" on US TV, but not so many in the UK. Why is that? Are Brits less interested in the institution of fatherhood, or do we just make TV shows where characters are less pigeon-holed as parents? And of the British fathers I could think of, most of them are... well, very questionable father-figures!

This poll will close on 18 June @5PM GMT. The results will be revealed on Father's Day itself. As always, it would be a great help if you share this poll online, so click one of the social networking buttons on the left to try and get this viral.