Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Showtime adapting 100 BULLETS comic-book

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

According to Deadline, screenwriter David Goyer (Batman Begins) has been asked to adapt the 1999 Vertigo comic-book 100 Bullets for US cable channel Showtime.

The noir-style comic, written by Brian Azzarelo and illustrated by Eduardo Risso, concerned a man called Agent Graves who offered various people access to a briefcase containing 100 untraceable bullets, which they can use to avenge wrongdoers in their life. Eventually, an overarching story began to reveal itself regarding the interconnectedness of the people Graves approached and a secret organization called The Trust.

Goyer's a prolific talent in the world of comic-books, having written the Blade trilogy and Christopher Nolan's Batman movies. He's also written the new Superman film, which became a reality purely because the strength of his idea enticed Nolan to get onboard as a producer.

However, Goyer's talent behind the camera and on TV is less successful, as he directed the abominable Blade Trinity and co-created TV sci-fi flops Threshold and FlashForward. Hopefully, in once again adapting someone else's work, he'll manage to create something stylish and compelling for Showtime.

Showtime's Dexter, AMC's The Walking Dead, HBO's True Blood and Game Of Thrones, FX's upcoming Powers, Starz's announced Noir, and now 100 Bullets—it's safe to say US cable channels have decided to plunder literature for their programming.