Saturday, 2 July 2011

Jump the Blast #20 & #21 - Falling Skies & White Collar

Saturday, 2 July 2011

It's the final edition of Jump the Blast, so here comes a double-bill courtesy of regular reader David H. The first is taken from the pilot of sci-fi drama FALLING SKIES, with Ben Mason (Noah Wyle) flung through the air after an alien "mech" takes a shot at him. A well-timed jump, arms nicely spread apart, so he'll live to fight invading ETs another day. Perfect.

And finally, David's next submission comes from the season 1 finale of WHITE COLLAR, where notorious thief Neil Caffrey (Matthew Bomer) is about to get on a plane to escape the police, only for it to explode--along with his dreams of starting another life with his girlfriend. I particularly like the way the explosion appears to bend Caffrey's spine slightly, although the "jump" becomes more of a forward stumble in the end.

And that's it! I think 21 submissions since January is enough. I may revive this feature again someday, you never know, but not if I find something more popular. A huge thank you to the handful of people who submitted screengrabs over the past six months—specially Laura Schumacher, who was almost keeping the whole feature alive these past few months. It's a shame more people didn't get involved and e-mail me screengrabs, but also understandable. I hope it was in some way entertaining for everyone. It certainly helped plug a few gaps whenever there was a slow news day or nothing worth reviewing on TV. Um, like today!

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