Friday, 8 July 2011

Talking Point: is BBC1 the worst BBC channel?

Friday, 8 July 2011

The BBC has discovered that flagship channel BBC1 is the worst of the corporation's four main channels, according to the Audience Appreciation Index (AI) figures taken from 20,000 viewers.

The BBC found that audiences rating their channels for "quality" and "distinctiveness" returned the following results: BBC2 (83/74), BBC3 (84/74), BBC4 (85/100), and BBC1 (81/65). It's the 65 ratings for BBC1's distinctiveness that's caused the biggest upset, but it's also surprising BBC1 was perceived as having the least quality of the four channels.

So are these AI ratings accurate? Is BBC1 genuinely the worst BBC channel in terms of quality and distinctiveness? The channel that brings us Strictly Come Dancing, Doctor Who and Luther is worse than the others? Maybe people are just harder on BBC1? Did digital channels like BBC3 and BBC4 succeed in this poll because there are lower expectations involved? Even so, I struggle to see how anyone could say BBC2's better than BBC1. Despite a recent move into "Original British Drama" like The Shadow Line, the only things I tend to watch on BBC2 are Psychoville, Top Gear and Mock The Week.

What do you think? Are these AI scores crazy? Or is BBC1 genuinely the worst channel the BBC have these days?