Sunday, 24 July 2011

Trailer: DOCTOR WHO, series 6 part 2 (Comic-Con)

Sunday, 24 July 2011

"My time... is... running out..."

The BBC have released a trailer for the second half of Doctor Who's sixth series, which just had its world premiere at San Diego Comic-Con. It certainly looks impressive, right? Adolf Hitler with a British accent? Amy riding pillion on Rory's motorbike! The return of Winston Churchill! Was that a middle-aged Amy? River Song is Eye-Patch Lady, or just pretending to be? The Doctor's about to kiss a man? The TARDIS smashing through a window! The Silence are underwater? The Weeping Angels are back! Rory punching Hitler! Amy with twin samurai swords! Exploding Cybermen! A minotaur in a hotel? The impossible astronaut! Phew.

What do you make of this trailer for the remainder of series 6? Oh, and here's a sneak preview of writer Toby Whithouse's "The God Complex", which is episode 11:

DOCTOR WHO returns to BBC1 and BBC America on 27 August.