Monday, 11 July 2011

TV Picks: 11-17 July 2011 (Apprentice Final, Born To Shine, Chris Moyles' Quiz Night, The Night Watch, Single-Handed, Torchwood: Miracle Day, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, etc.)

Monday, 11 July 2011
Pick of the Week: TORCHWOOD: MIRACLE DAY - BBC1, Thu, 9PM

Every Monday I browse the UK TV schedules for the coming week, selecting each day's best new TV shows. Below you'll find the result of that work...

Quiz Hoppers (Channel 4, 5pm) Brand new gameshow where a camper van full of people travel across Scotland, participating in a pub quiz every weekday. Narrated by Christopher Biggins. (1/5)
Countrywise Kitchen (ITV1, 8pm) Rural cooking show. Presented by Paul Heiney & Mike Robinson. (1/8)
Underage & Pregnant (BBC3, 8.30pm) Documentary about a 16-year-old pregnant girl. (1/8)
The Life Of Muhammad (BBC2, 9pm) Documentary series about the messenger and final prophet Muhammad. Presented by Rageh Omaar. (1/3)
Strictly Kosher (ITV1, 9pm) Documentary on a Jewish community living in Manchester.
Small Teen, Bigger World (BBC3, 9pm) Documentary on a 17-year-old girl of restricted growth.
British Masters (BBC4, 9pm) Art series looking at the 20th-century's masterpieces. (1/3)
PICK OF THE DAY Coming Up: Rough Skin
(Channel 4, 11.10pm) Series 10 of the showcase series for new writers and directors, beginning with a tale about mothers and daughters. Starring Vicky McClure, Lorraine Ashbourn & Marc Ryan-Jordan. (1/7)

PICK OF THE DAY The Night Watch (BBC2, 9pm) Adaptation of Sarah Waters' novel about four Londoners connected by their wartime experiences.
Homes From Hell 2011 (ITV1, 9pm) Return of the series looking at the nightmares that can occur when buying homes. (1/8)
Prison, Mum & Me (BBC3, 9pm) Documentary about three teenage girls whose mothers are in jail.
Chick Fix (Sky Living, 9pm) Lifestyle reality series hoping to help women with problems. Hosted by Grace Woodward.
Silent Library (5*, 10pm) UK remake of the Japanese gameshow where six friends are challenged to undergo various physical trials against the clock and in total silence. Narrated by Adam Buxton. (1/6)

PICK OF THE DAY The Great British Weather (BBC1, 7.30pm) Live series on the nation's favourite topic: weather. Hosted by Alexander Armstrong. (1/4)
Garden ER (Channel 4, 7.30pm) David Domoney, Bonnie Davies and a team of experts come to the rescue of neglected plots in need of attention. (1/8)
This World: Italy's Bloodiest Mafia (BBC2, 9pm) Documentary investigation series into the Naples mafia.
Roger Genocide Baby (BBC3, 9pm) Documentary about a 16-year-old survivor of the Rwanda genocide who is name a notable African footballer.

Rick Stein's Spain (BBC2, 8pm) Culinary series touring Spain. Hosted by Rick Stein. (1/4)
PICK OF THE DAY Torchwood: Miracle Day (BBC1, 9pm) Series 4 of the sci-fi drama, this time concerning the repercussions of a day when everybody on the planet stops dying. Starring John Barrowman, Eve Myles, Mekhi Phifer & Bill Pullman. (1/10)
Single-Handed (ITV1, 9pm) Return of the series about a cop in the west of Ireland. (1/6)
Josie: My Cancer Curse (BBC3, 9pm) Documentary about a happy-go-lucky 18-year-old girl who may have inherited a hereditary gene that's already killed her grandmother and mother.
Peter Andre: Here 2 Help (ITV2, 9pm) New series where Peter Andre travels the UK helping people. (1/6)
The Pranker (BBC3, 10.30pm) Hidden camera prank show set in a primary school. (1/6)
Classroom Secrets (BBC1, 10.35pm) Parents are afforded a look at how their children behave at school.

PICK OF THE DAY Who Wants To Be A Millionaire: School's Out (ITV1, 9pm) Special edition of the quizshow, where celebrities and their kids are the players. Featuring Fern Britton, Joe Calzaghe & Bob Mortimer.
Chris Moyles' Quiz Night (Channel 4, 10.30pm) Return of the comedy quizshow. Hosted by Chris Moyles. Featuring America Ferrera, Kimberly Wyatt & Alan Carr. (1/8)
The Apprentice: How To Get Fired (BBC1, 10.35pm) Special show where Dara O'Briain takes a comedic look at the business reality gameshow.

Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows: Behind The Magic (ITV1, 7.15pm) Behind-the-scenes documentary on the making of the final Harry Potter movie.
The Impressionists: Painting & Revolution (BBC2, 8pm) Art show looking at the impressionist painters. Presented by Waldemar Januszczak. (1/4)
PICK OF THE DAY John Bishop Live: Elvis Has Left The Building (BBC1, 10.50pm) Live standup comedy recorded at the Liverpool Empire Theatre.

Born To Shine (ITV1, 8pm) New series where celebrities are challenged to learn a new skill. Hosted by Natasha Kaplinsky. Featuring Angelica Bell, Michael Underwood & Nick Moran. (1/6)
PICK OF THE DAY The Apprentice Final (BBC1, 9pm) Conclusion of the business reality gameshow, where Lord Alan Sugar chooses his next apprentice and 50/50 partner in a £250,000 start-up company.