Monday, 1 August 2011

TV Picks: 1-7 August 2011 (Big Love, Deadly 60 On A Mission, Hell's Kitchen USA, Ronnie Corbett's Comedy Britain, Trollied, etc.)

Monday, 1 August 2011
TROLLIED - Thursday, Sky1, 9PM

Victorian Pharmacy (BBC2, 7pm) Series where sick people try old-fashioned remedies to try and cure their ailments.
The Secret Life Of Buildings (Channel 4, 8pm) Architectural series where critic Tom Dyckhoff investigates the world's relationship with buildings. (1/3)
Dying For A Drink (BBC1, 8pm) Documentary about the destructive power of alcohol.
Great Thinkers: In Their Own Words (BBC4, 9pm) Series looking at the history of 20th-century thinkers. (1/3)
My Life As A Turkey: Natural World Special (BBC2, 9pm) Natural history documentary focusing on wild turkeys and the reputation these fowl have with mankind.
PICK OF THE DAY Hell's Kitchen USA (ITV2, 9pm) Season 9 of the culinary gameshow. Hosted by Gordon Ramsay. (1/16)

DIY SOS: The Big Build (BBC1, 9pm) Return of the large-scale renovation series. Hosted by Nick Knowles. (1/3)
PICK OF THE DAY Timeshift: All The Fun Of The Fair (BBC4, 9pm) Documentary series on the history of the theme park, from the Victorian era, through the 1950s, to modern times. (1/2)
True Stories: The Redemption Of General Butt Naked (More4, 10pm) Documentary on evangelic minister Joshua Milton Blahyi, a feared warlord of the 14-year Liberian Civil War.
An Abuse Of Trust (BBC1, 10.35pm) Investigation into Derek Slade, a headteacher caught 30 years ago, who may have offended in Africa and Asia.

PICK OF THE DAY My Resignation (BBC4, 10pm) Documentary on the practice of public figures to resign from their job, and how this decision can be influenced by the public and the media. Narrated by Tamsin Greig.

BBC Proms 2011 (BBC4, 7.30pm) Pre-recorded concert of Tasmin Little performing Elgar's Violin Concerto.
PICK OF THE DAY Trollied (Sky1, 9pm) Brand new supermarket sitcom. Starring Jane Horrocks, Mark Addy, Nick Blood & Jason Watkins (1/8)
The TA And The Taliban (Watch, 9pm) Documentary about the Territorial Army's role fighting in Afghanistan. (1/6)
Warehouse 13 (Syfy, 9pm) Season 3 of the US sci-fi drama. (1/13)
Little Box Of Horrors (E4, 10pm) Clipshow series of bizarre adverts, TV shows and public information films. Hosted by James Buckley. (1/5)
Amy Winhouse: The Untold Story (Channel 5, 10pm) Tribute to the Grammy-winning British singer, who died last week.

Superheroes Of Suburbia (Channel 4, 7.35pm) Documentary on a modern-day, real-life superhero who patrols Torbay as "The Dark Spartan".
Someone's Daughter, Someone's Son (ITV1, 9pm) Documentary on the murder of nurse Jane Clough, viciously stabbed 71 times in Blackpool. (1/3)
U2 At Glastonbury 2011 (BBC4, 9pm) Highlights of US at this year's Glastonbury festival.
PICK OF THE DAY Big Love (Sky Atlantic, 9pm) Season 3 of the US drama. Starring Bill Paxton, Chloe Sevigny, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Amanda Seyfried & Ginnifer Goodwin. (1/12)

Final Score (BBC1, 4.30pm) Return of the sports highlights series. Presented by Gabby Logan.
PICK OF THE DAY Ronnie Corbett's Comedy Britain (ITV1, 9pm) Series where the British comedian reflects on his 60-year career. Featuring interviews with Miranda Hart, Matt Lucas, David Mitchell, John Cleese & Stephen Merchant. (1/2)

PICK OF THE DAY Deadly 60 On A Mission (BBC1, 6pm) Series where Steve Backshall goes on a quest to find the world's 60 deadliest animals. (1/6)