Tuesday, 6 September 2011


Tuesday, 6 September 2011
Worrying US remake news, folks. NBC are making a version of Channel 4 hit comedy Friday Night Dinner, which stars Simon Bird and Tom Rosenthal as two grown-up brothers who visit their eccentric middle-aged parents for a weekly meal.

The remake is masterminded by Greg Daniels, the man responsible for adapting The Office for American audiences, so at least that's a promising sign. FND's creator, Robert Popper, will also serve as an executive-producer.

Of course, the thing that rings alarm bells about this news is that, frankly, FND's concept is so intentionally restrictive that even the UK version struggled to fill a six-week run. Considering a successful US pilot will lead to NBC ordering 20+ episodes per year, it would be inconceivable of the show to keep the exact same "one-meal-per-week" format. I expect the US version to find ways to keep things fresher—but, if that happens, doesn't it become just another family sitcom once you've messed with the core concept?

Oh, America...

The original Channel 4 version of FRIDAY NIGHT DINNER is currently airing on BBC America every Saturday at 11.30/10.30PM.