Thursday, 15 September 2011


Thursday, 15 September 2011
written by Howard Overman; directed by Jonathan Van Tulleken

As most of you will know, Misfits star Robert Sheehan decided to quit the show last series, so rather than recast his character (by giving Nathan the ability to change his appearance, perhaps?), or waiting until series 3 to explain Nathan's absence as an event that happened between episodes, writer Howard Overman managed to put together an eight-minute webisode to explain Nathan's departure...

E4 have the special available on their site), and while it's not the ideal send-off for the show's most popular character, I was largely satisfied and amused throughout. The basic story finds Nathan with girlfriend Marnie and newborn baby Nathan Jr in Las Vegas, and follows him one evening when he hits the casino to win big using his new superpower.

It would be cruel to spoil this mini-episode by explaining much more, but suffice to say Nathan's new power isn't obvious (but it's funny and makes sense as a way to cheat at the craps table), Sheehan's as effortlessly charismatic as ever (despite resembling an Irish Jack Sparrow here), there are some hilariously vulgar moments (involving a lost casino token and a filthy "rabbit trick"), we get an amusing first look at Sheehan's replacement (Joe Gilgun's Rudy), and I'm glad Overman left the door open for Nathan to return one day... maybe in a movie?

(Hey, if the phenomenal success of E4's The Inbetweeners Movie at the UK box office hasn't planted that idea in the mind's of E4 execs, I don't know what will.)

What did you make of Vegas Baby? Is it a decent farewell for Nathan Young? Were you disappointed more of the cast weren't involved? Are you happy with how it ended? Excited to see more of Rudy?

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