Friday, 30 September 2011

State of the Blog: million, million, million!

Friday, 30 September 2011
Yesterday, Dan's Media Digest sailed past 3,000,000 hits. As always I'm delighted DMD continues to attract this level of traffic, particularly as 2011's probably been the least active year since I started this blog in 2006.

Unlike some other entertainment review-focused blogs, I don't promote myself that strongly online. I mainly rely on word-of-mouth and, increasingly, Twitter/Facebook links to draw interest to particular posts. I'm relieved my decision to lighten my workload, fearing "blogging burnout", hasn't resulted in a big drop in readership since the summer.

So thanks to everyone who visits DMD, particularly if you do so regularly, or help spread the word online in some way. It would be a very boring and dispiriting place without readers and people leaving comments. This year, I've been particularly grateful for those of you who kindly donated some money to DMD (using my PayPal link in the sidebar)—as that all goes towards the blog's upkeep. It's one thing to be a keen supporter and voracious reader of DMD, but quite another to put your hand in your pocket and hand over money to show your gratitude. Thank you, one and all!

In other news...

Most of the pilots have aired in the US, together with a few new series here in the UK. So which ones have made me a fan, which have lured me back for awhile, and which have turned me off completely?

The new shows I WON'T be watching or reviewing this year are:

A Gifted Man (just don't see it working long-term)
Charlie's Angels (vacuous, outmoded)
The Playboy Club (decent idea, poorly executed)
Ringer (intriguing pilot, horrid second episode)
The Secret Circle (uninteresting concept)
This Is Jinsy (didn't amuse me).

The new shows I WILL be watching (for now), but don't see much point reviewing are:

Pan Am (good show, could become very good, but will wait for BBC2)
Person Of Interest (may work if Caviezel improves and avoids repetition).

The new shows I'll be watching and reviewing are:

The Fades (some appeal, has problems, but brief commitment required)
Fresh Meat (very funny, just hope it can sustain itself)
Terra Nova (it'll probably be fun to blog, good or bad).

These on top of the returning shows I always find time for: Dexter, Fringe, Merlin, et al.

You may also have noticed that updates are happening between 9 and 5PM GMT again, because Blogger is now working for IE6. This will be temporary, as they're due to shutdown their existing dashboard for a new one that definitely won't work for me, so enjoy this while it lasts!

I'm still unable to reply to Disqus comments easily, but can send a quick message via my phone—if one's required. Obviously I won't be doing this all the time (I'm not very good at "text-typing"), but it's possible and I'll reply if I think it's necessary. But I'll be brief!

The "auto-pagination" issues appears to have been solved. This was making it impossible to show more than 9 posts on every page of DMD, which was very frustrating. Too many updates and recent updates would "fall off" the front page. I'm not sure why I can now increase past 9 posts again, but I assume Blogger came to their senses about forcing people to have X number of posts visible.

So, that's about it. It's been awhile since I did a State of the Blog, so feel free to discuss whatever's been on your mind below. A question for me, a suggestion for the blog, a recommendation, whatever you like!