Saturday, 1 October 2011

DVD/Blu-ray Releases: OCTOBER 2011 (Chuck S1-4, Deadwood S1-3, Doctor Who S6.2, The Event, Jurassic Park Trilogy, Green Lantern, Senna, Spartacus S1-2, V S2, X-Men: First Class, etc.)

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Back To The Future [BLU-RAY(**** out of four)
Back To The Future: Part II [BLU-RAY(*** out of four)
Back To The Future: Part III [BLU-RAY(**½ out of four)
Beauty & The Beast: 3D [BLU-RAY(*** out of four)
The Event [DVD] [BLU-RAY(** out of four)
Five Days: Series 2 [DVD]
Chalet Girl [DVD] [BLU-RAY]
Chuck: Season 1-4 [DVD] [BLU-RAY(*** out of four)
Chuck: Season 4 [DVD] [BLU-RAY(** out of four)
Family Guy: Season 6-10 [DVD]
Hook [BLU-RAY(** out of four)
Jumanji [BLU-RAY(*½ out of four)
Most Haunted: Season 14 [DVD]
Mrs Brown's Boys: Series 1 [DVD] [BLU-RAY(*½ out of four)
Saw: 1-7 Box-set [DVD] [BLU-RAY(*½ out of four)
Spartacus: Blood & Sand / Gods Of The Arena [DVD] [BLU-RAY(**** out of four)
Spartacus: Gods Of The Arena [DVD] [BLU-RAY(***½ out of four)


The Beaver [DVD] [BLU-RAY]
Billy Connolly's Route 66 [DVD] [BLU-RAY]
Doctor Who: Series 6, Part 2 [DVD] [BLU-RAY(*** out of four)
Dynamo: Magician Impossible [DVD]
Candyman [BLU-RAY(**** out of four)
Eastbound & Down: Season 2 [DVD(**½ out of four)
The Frighteners [BLU-RAY(***½ out of four)
In Deep: Series 2 [DVD]
The Mentalist: Season 1-3 Box-set [DVD] [BLU-RAY]
Senna [DVD] [BLU-RAY]
The Simpsons: Season 14 [DVD]
Sons Of Anarchy: Season 1-3 Box-set [DVD] [BLU-RAY]
Sons Of Anarchy: Season 3 [DVD] [BLU-RAY]


Amelie [BLU-RAY]
Bones: Season 1-6 [DVD] [BLU-RAY]
Bones: Season 6 [DVD] [BLU-RAY]
Nightmare On Elm Street: 1-7 Box-set [DVD] [BLU-RAY]
Green Lantern [DVD] [BLU-RAY]
Hung: Season 2 [DVD] [BLU-RAY]
Jackie Brown [BLU-RAY]
Psychoville: Halloween Special [DVD] [BLU-RAY(*** out of four)
Pulp Fiction [BLU-RAY(**** out of four)
Requiem For A Dream [BLU-RAY(**** out of four)
Star Wars Clone Wars: Season 3 [DVD] [BLU-RAY]


Jurassic Park Trilogy [DVD] [BLU-RAY(*** out of four)
Jurassic Park Ultimate Trilogy [DVD] [BLU-RAY(*** out of four)
Planet Dinosaur [DVD] [BLU-RAY]
V: Season 2 [DVD] [BLU-RAY(**½ out of four)


Bad Teacher [DVD] [BLU-RAY]
Deadwood: Ultimate Season 1-3 [DVD] [BLU-RAY]
Desperate Housewives: Season 1-7 [DVD] [BLU-RAY]
Desperate Housewives: Season 7 [DVD] [BLU-RAY]
How I Met Your Mother: Season 6 [DVD] [BLU-RAY]
The Sarah Jane Adventures: Series 4 [DVD] [BLU-RAY]
Smallville: Season 1-10 [DVD] [BLU-RAY]
Smallville: Season 10 [DVD] [BLU-RAY]
Tree Of Life [DVD] [BLU-RAY]
X-Men: First Class [DVD] [BLU-RAY]