Thursday, 24 November 2011

Filming begins on BBC/Cinemax co-production NEMESIS with Melissa George

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Kudos (Life On Mars, Spooks) and Big Light Productions are teaming up for a new eight-part thriller called Nemesis, starring Melissa George as a spy who survives an assassination attempt by her own team and goes on the run.

The series—originally known as Morton and set to star Gillian Anderson until a scheduling conflict—has been written by Frank Spotnitz (The X Files, Strike Back) for BBC1 and HBO's Cinemax, echoing the arrangement Sky had with Strike Back.

Frank Spotnitz, writer:

"I'm incredibly excited about the ambition of this series. It's got action on a cinematic scale, huge story twists and turns, and intriguing characters who are both emotionally and morally complex."
Ben Stephenson, BBC Drama Commissioning Controller:

"Melissa George is a fantastic choice to play BBC1's new leading lady known as Sam, a complex and mysterious Bourne-style female spy unlike anyone we've seen on TV before."
Nemesis also stars Adam Rayner (Mistresses), Stephen Dillane (Game Of Thrones), Morven Christie (The Sinking Of The Laconia), Patrick Malahide (Game Of Thrones), Stephen Campbell Moore (Ashes To Ashes), Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Lost), Lex Shrapnel (Captain America), Uriel Emil (Criminal Justice), and Oscar Kennedy (Toast).

Filming will take place on location in London, Scotland and Morocco.

Nemesis definitely has my full attention, given Kudos' success with Spooks and the example set by Strike Back when it comes to modern Anglo-American co-productions. It remains to be seen if Spotnitz will have to include as much nudity as Strike Back featured, in order to appeal to Cinemax's young male demographic, but perhaps the BBC's influence will dissuade that "boobs and blood" concession. Or the BBC will transmit a more sanitized edit.

I also find it very interesting that Spotnitz has chosen to work in British TV, even moving his family to London. Was he struggling to find work in the US, or did he just prefer the freedoms you get here? Here's great audio of Spotnitz talking about the pro's and con's of the US and UK systems, speaking as someone who's worked in both countries.

I'm also really excited by the beautiful Melissa George taking the lead, as she's a really great actress who deserves a headlining role. She may also draw fans of Alias to this show, which can't hurt.

Nemesis is scheduled for transmission sometime next year on BBC1/Cinemax.