Thursday, 23 February 2012

FRINGE, 4.13 – "A Better Human Being"

Thursday, 23 February 2012

A solid enough episode, although the way the A-story about genetically engineered telepathic half-brothers complimented the B-story about Olivia (Anna Torv) regaining her memories of Peter's (Joshua Jackson) timeline started to lose its way after awhile. This was actually a rather mediocre and ridiculous X Files-y story, with the most interesting aspects being the developments with the show's mytharc—particularly the fact someone's been dosing Olivia with Cortexiphan (intending to restore her memories of the old timeline?), and the climactic surprise that Nina (Blair Brown) appears to have been replaced by a shape-shifter.

However, even if the thrust of this week's storyline wasn't so brilliant and began to overstay its welcome, "A Better Human Being" was the kind of episode where the garnish compensated for a weak main course. It was an especially good hour for Torv, who got to play the love-struck Olivia we haven't seen since season 3, and Jackson also gave a touching performance with Peter in two-minds about the pro's and con's of Olivia remembering the love they once shared.

Not bad, with some promising developments for the final nine episodes of this season (and possibly the entire series). What did you think?

written by Alison Schapker & Monica Owusu-Breen (story by Glen Whitman & Robert Chiappetta) / directed by Joe Chappelle / 17 February 2012 / Fox