Monday, 27 February 2012

TV Picks: 27 February – 4 March 2012 (The Agenda, The Dales, Empire, The Food Inspectors, Glee, Indian Doctor, etc.)

Monday, 27 February 2012
GLEE - Sky1, Thursday, 9PM

PICK OF THE DAY The Indian Doctor (BBC1, 2.15pm) Series 2 of the 1960s drama about a Welsh mining town with an Indian doctor. (1/5)
The Dales (ITV1, 8pm) Series 2 of the travelogue. Presented by Adrian Edmondson. (1/12)
Empire (BBC1, 9pm) Documentary about the British Empire, which at its height ruled a quarter of the globe. (1/5)
Stop My Stutter (BBC3, 9pm) Documentary on stammering and the speech therapy classes run by ex-Pop Idol star Gareth Gates.
Pedigree Dogs Exposed: 3 Years On (BBC4, 9pm) Follow-up to the 2008 documentary that revealed how many pedigree dogs are the result of dangerous inbreeding.
Proud & Prejudiced (Channel 4, 10pm) Documentary about Tommy Robinson, leader of the far-right English Defense League, and Sayful Islam, leader of a group of Muslim extremists.
The Agenda (ITV1, 10.35pm) Brand new talk show series tackling the week's big new stories. Presented by Tom Bradby.

Supersize vs Superskinny (Channel 4, 8pm) Series 5 of the show about under and overweight people. (1/10)
PICK OF THE DAY Horizon: The Truth About Exercise (BBC2, 9pm) Documentary about exercise, and the controversial theory that 3-minutes of intensive exercise every week is enough. Presented by Michael Mosley.
The Richard Dimbleby Lecture 2012 (BBC1, 10.35pm) Sir Paul Nurse gives a lecture about his interest in the natural world.

Illuminations: The Private Lives Of Medieval Kings (BBC HD, 7pm) Documentary on England's medieval monarchy. (1/3)
PICK OF THE DAY The Food Inspectors (BBC1, 7.30pm) Series investigating poor standard in the cuisine industry. Hosted by Matt Allwright & Chris Hollins. (1/4)
The Fisherman's Apprentice with Monty Halls (BBC2, 8pm) Series where Monty Halls learns to be a fisherman. (1/6)
Wonderland (BBC2, 9pm) Follow-up documentary following an Orthodox Jewish couple on holiday in the Mediterranean.

Children Of The Tsunami (BBC2, 9pm) Documentary about the after effects of the tsunami that hit Japan and triggered a dangerous nuclear situation at Fukushima, told from the perspective of young children.
Make Bradford British (Channel 4, 9pm) Series looking at what it means to be British, by asking the multi-ethnic citizens of Bradford. (1/2)
PICK OF THE DAY Glee (Sky1, 9pm) Season 3 of the US musical-drama continues. (10/22)
Our Man In... (Channel 4, 10pm) Documentary looking at British consulates around the world. (1/3)
My Dad Is A Woman (ITV1, 10.35pm) Documentary about two families where the patriarch is undergoing gender reassignment.



Warhorse: The Real Story (Channel 4, 8pm) Documentary on the WWI story that inspired the book, stage play and feature film.
PICK OF THE DAY Orbit: Earth's Extraordinary Journey (BBC2, 9pm) Documentary series about the Sun's effect on the Earth. (1/3)