Saturday, 10 March 2012

UK, rejoice! COMMUNITY returns to TV; BREAKING BAD season 3 debuting on DVD

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Community and Breaking Bad are two of my favourite shows, and I'm certainly not alone in rating them very highly. They're also two of the most mistreated US shows on British television. The Emmy-winning Breaking Bad briefly bounced around Channel 5's late-night schedule a few years ago; and obscure music channel Viva aired the critically-acclaimed Community's first season, to zero fanfare and no intention to air more. Both shows have had limited DVD releases in the UK, but we're still two seasons behind the US broadcasts, which has predictably tempted many Brits into online downloads.

Fortunately, relief is coming for British fans over the next few months. Sony Entertainment Television have now bought the UK rights to Community, and will air its second season from 10 April; while Breaking Bad's third season is finally getting a DVD release on 14 May.

Neither development is likely to increase the popularity of these two show on UK shores, because Sony Entertainment Television's a very niche digital channel (did you know it even existed?), and only ready-made fans buy DVD box-sets. It's also likely that most of these show's target audience have already taken steps to keep up with the American broadcasts. But let's not be negative. If you have friends/family who have yet to become fans of these shows, now's a great time to point them in the direction of either Sony TV or a DVD vendor...

To recap: COMMUNITY season 2 begins 10 April on the Sony Entertainment Television at 10:30PM (Sky channel 157, Virgin Media channel 193); and BREAKING BAD season 3 makes its DVD debut on 14 May (priced £29.99).