Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Sidebar problems

Tuesday, 17 April 2012
I'm aware that DMD's sidebar is suddenly appearing below the main column of my posts. I have no idea why this has happened. I haven't been tinkering with the template and haven't added any new widgets to that sidebar recently, so whatever's caused this must be something unrelated to my activities.

I'm hoping Blogger's at fault and this problem will be rectified shortly. I know Blogger are about to update their "back office" in April, so maybe it has something to do with those changes behind-the-scenes? In the meantime, I'll be investigating possible causes of this error with any helpful people, most likely Alan Woodward (who's done wonders in the past improving my template).

If anyone has a theory about what may have happened, please let me know.

If it helps, I've already tried deleting all of the sidebar's "widgets", but this has had no effect. Anything you add to the sidebar simply gets slung to the bottom of the blog, yet everything looks fine in the "Page Elements" area of Blogger's dashboard. Posts also "preview" correctly before I publish them.

I've been using Chrome, FireFox and Safari, which all show the same sidebar fault. Please let me know if you're somehow able to view DMD correctly, mentioning how you're accessing the blog.

I will update this post with any subsequent information.

Thank you.

Update: The issue appears to have cleared when viewing "individual posts", just not the front page of the blog.

Update: The issue has now been fixed. If you're interested, the post title of the "TV Picks" article contained a few strange HTML coding errors, and that somehow made the template go crazy. Very strange.