Sunday, 1 April 2012

Steven Moffat talks DOCTOR WHO; more Daleks, non-human companion, Hollywood movie, 50th anniversary, and the return of Russell T. Davies?

Sunday, 1 April 2012

The Doctor Who news continues to trickle in, with showrunner Steven Moffat recently giving some interesting snippets of information on Jenna-Louise Coleman's new character and series 7.

Steven Moffat, executive-producer, speaking to the Welsh magazine Follis:

"We've been listening to feedback from the fans, so the new companion isn't human this time. April actually doesn't know what she is—and yes, that's her name—but hopefully The Doctor can help discover who "made" her. If that's the right word. Which I think it is! She's something of a Pinocchio figure, with The Doctor as her Geppetto."
On the show's complexities:

"I know there's been a lot of talk about [the show] becoming too complicated, which I don't agree with. Kids are smarter than me nowadays. Have you seen their maths homework?! But we're nevertheless going to be making the stories a touch simpler this year. More episodic, really, like mini-movies. I've read a few scripts to a five-year-old, and they follow it fine!"
On what series 7 will bring:

"The Daleks will be back, in all shapes and sizes, and they'll definitely have a keen interest in our new companion. I'm saying no more on that! There's also a brilliant episode coming up, written by someone I'm sure the fans will be happy to see making a return."
Is Moffat talking about Russell T. Davies?

On the continuing rumours of a movie directed by David Yates (State Of Play, Harry Potter):

"The whole David Yates thing is a strange issue, but he certainly wants to make a big Hollywood movie, which I've no objection to. It just needs to be done with co-operation from the BBC, and be a legitimate part of the show's 50-year history. It's a way off yet. I perhaps won't even be in charge of the show if or when they start shooting!"
... and on the show's 50th anniversary:

"I can't reveal much yet, but you'll probably see some familiar faces from the show's magnificent history—that's hardly unexpected. But exactly who's coming back might be, because death's not always a barrier for storytelling these days. I refuse to be drawn any more on that!"
Is the show looking into ways to bring William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton and/or Jon Pertwee back, resurrected via CGI or lost footage? You can read the unabridged interview with Moffat on Follis' website.