Thursday, 10 May 2012

DirecTV's ROGUE to star Thandie Newton

Thursday, 10 May 2012
DirecTV have jumped into the scripted programming game, ordering 10 episodes of Rogue, a drama starring Thandie Newton (Crash, MI:II) that "revolves around a morally and emotionally conflicted cop, Grace (Newton), who is tormented by the possibility that her own actions contributed to her son’s death. Grace’s search for the truth is further complicated by her forbidden relationship with the crime boss who may have played a hand in the crime."

British writer Matthew Parkhill created the show, having previously worked on ITV1's Primeval. It will be produced by Nick Hamm, Steven Marrs, John Morayniss & Michael Rosenberg. Rogue starts filming this August, to premiere on DirecTV's Audience Network sometime in 2013.

This is a marked departure for cable operator DirecTV, who until now have shared or inherited shows like Damages and Friday Night Lights from other broadcasters.

Any thoughts on DirecTV's move into creating their own shows, which treads in the footsteps of Netflix? Are you pleased to see the beautiful Thandie Newton trying her hand at television again, post-ER?