Monday, 7 May 2012

HOMELAND will return to Channel 4

Monday, 7 May 2012

The feature-length finale of the brilliant Homeland aired on Channel 4 last night, bringing season 1 to a close in the UK. You can read my review of the finale here, or the entire season if you fancy.

Additionally, many fans were delighted to hear the continuity announcer reveal Channel 4 have the rights to season 2, which is scheduled to premiere on Showtime in the US on 30 September. I just hope Channel 4 air the show days/weeks after the US broadcast, to cut down on piracy. But that's probably wishful thinking. As it the hope Channel 4 will be so inspired by Homeland's success they'll chase down other quality US drama's, like Breaking Bad.

I can't deny it's a relief Sky haven't swooped in and outbid Channel 4 for the show, seeing as it's a unequivocal hit with Britons. Homeland would be a perfect fit for subscription-only Sky Atlantic, too. I haven't been re-watching the show on Channel 4 every Sunday evening, but it was noticeable how more people were talking about it—both online and offline. That's the power of terrestrial TV: reach. Everyone has access around the country, so good shows can become a major topic of everyone's conversation. This is something I fear we're losing as the years go by, as more TV shows get lost behind cable/satellite paywalls or in the digital hinterland.

Anyway, were you watching Homeland every week? If so, do you have anything to say about its success and news of its second season pickup by Channel 4?