Monday, 28 May 2012

TV Picks: 28 May – 3 June 2012 (All the Queen's Horses, Britain's Lost Routes, Jimmy & the Giant Supermarket, Live at the Electric, Married to the Moonies, Revenge, etc.)

Monday, 28 May 2012

How To Beat Pain (BBC1, 7.30pm) Series looking into the cause, effects and treatment of back pain. Presented by Dr Kreindler & Professor Whyte.
The Queen & I (ITV1, 8pm) Documentary using home-made video footage of Queen Elizabeth at various public engagements. (1/2)
Afghanistan: The Great Game – A Personal View by Rory Stewart (BBC2, 9pm) Documentary on the UK's involvement with Afghanistan throughout the 19th-century. Continues tomorrow, concludes Wednesday. (1/3)
Britain's Hidden Homeless (BBC3, 9pm) Documentary about rapper Speech Dabelle, who became homeless for three years at the age of 19.
PICK OF THE DAY Revenge (E4, 9pm) Season 1 of the drama about a young woman who returns to her hometown to get vengeance on the community that condemned her father to a life in prison. (1/22)
Born In The USSR: 28 Up (ITV1, 10.35pm) Russian version of the UK's seminal 7 Up series, focusing on 28-year-old Russians who grew up behind the Iron Curtain.

PICK OF THE DAY Jimmy & The Giant Supermarket (Channel 4, 9pm) Programme looking at the standards of food in UK supermarkets, where farmer Jimmy Doherty challenges Tesco to let him remake their best-selling own brands at a higher standard of welfare for the animals.
Prince Charles: The Royal Restoration (ITV1, 9pm) Documentary about the Prince of Wales' attempts to restore Dumfries House in Scotland. Presented by Alan Titchmarsh.


Britain's Lost Routes (BBC1, 8pm) Griff Rhys Jones retraces the steps that Queen Elizabeth I took through her realm. (1/4)
Married To The Moonies (Channel 4, 9pm) Documentary on the Unification Church, following three Brits who travel to Korea for a blessing by their messiah Reverend Moon.
PICK OF THE DAY Live At The Electric (BBC3, 9.30pm) Standup comedy from Russell Kane, featuring sketches. (1/8)

PICK OF THE DAY A Jubilee Tribute To The Queen from Prince Charles (BBC1, 8pm) Tribute to Queen Elizabeth II from her eldest son, Prince Charles.
Elizabeth: Queen, Wife & Mother (ITV1, 9pm) Profile of the monarch. Presented by Alan Titchmarsh.
Punk Britannia (BBC4, 9pm) Documentary on the rise of punk rock in the UK during the 1970s. (1/3)


PICK OF THE DAY All The Queen's Horses: A Diamond Jubilee Special (ITV1, 7pm) Pageant from Windsor Castle, celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Featuring Helen Mirren, Rolf Harris, Omid Djalili, Sanjeev Bhaskar, Susan Boyle, Joss Stone, Il Divo & David Garrett.