Monday, 4 June 2012

MTV developing SCREAM TV series

Monday, 4 June 2012

According to TV Line, MTV are developing a TV series based on the popular Scream franchise, which has spawned four movies (all directed by Wes Craven) that have made $500m at the global box-office since 1996.

Tony DiSanto (Teen Wolf) and Liz Gately (The Hard Times Of RJ Berger) are producing this project, but there's no word on the involvement of Craven or creator/writer Kevin Williamson (The Vampire Diaries). A writer is apparently being sought for the pilot.

While the reflex reaction is to roll your eyes at the sheer unoriginality of this notion, I have to admit that I think a TV series based on Scream isn't a bad idea. Harper's Island proved that a season-long murder-mystery can work on TV, and it might be fun seeing some of Scream's signature ingredients on a weekly basis. A lot will rest on the writers being able to keep audience's guessing the Ghostface killer's identity, and it will obviously have to be as funny and insightful as the best instalments of Scream were.

So what do you think? A small-town "whodunnit?" teen drama, loaded with pop-culture in-jokes and sexy young actors, spread out over what's likely to be 13 episodes? That could work, right?